Your First Line of Marketing – YOU!

When you joined Land Asia Realty as an Associate Property Consultant, you are briefed about the sales process and the types of marketing strategies that you can implement in your real estate business. During the Basic Orientation Course, you are taught that online marketing is proven to be the most effective lead generation system. Offline marketing is also a great strategy for prospecting and building your network. A motivated salesperson normally leaps into trying out these different marketing strategies without realizing that his first line of marketing is himself and he has not made the most of it.

Barrell and Nash (2005) in Fundamentals of Marketing for the Real Estate Professionals tell us about our sphere of influence, creating personal branding and being loyal to that brand. They highlight that the real estate professional’s greatest asset is himself and thus must be marketed first over every other product. If we take a look at the successful persons in Land Asia Realty to name Roger Mancao, Nilo Bautista and Raymond Ong, they all have one thing in common – they dress for the deal, they speak like a pro and they act in the most genuine and sincere manner that commands respect from their colleagues and clients.

The success story of Global Investment Director Helen Bautista which was featured in Skyline (2010) divulges her marketing secret, the A.B.M. It stands for Always Be Marketing. For Helen, the moment she steps out of her home, she instantly transforms into a “walking business card”. Remember that you are meeting strangers who do not know you personally and their judgment is limited to what they see, what they hear and how you respond to them.

Success only starts when you decide to become successful. A first step can be to decide if you want to broaden your sphere of influence. To network with other groups outside your KKK zone (Kasambahay, Kapamilya and Kakilala) in which you can benefit from personal promotion. After you signed up for Land Asia Realty, who are the first persons you tell about it outside your family? Are you excited that you are now in the real estate industry? Or did you have that hesitant knot in your stomach that makes you want to shrink in shame? These body responses can be your first indicator whether to go full swing or not. Once you have made up your mind the road map to success would light one bulb of clarity leading you towards creating your personal brand.

You are your first line of marketing, so make the most of you!

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