to my sunshine in Dubai – Ate Casey

If I am in Dubai today there are two things I surely did, I will be at Safestway Hypermarket buying a bouquet of flowers and cake for this amazing woman for her very special day.

The rest of the girls call her Tita, but I call her Ate Casey. She is like our mommy in Dubai. She takes care of all of us. From Dubai weather to fashion to events to surviving Dubai to teleseryes to dealing with our personal matters – she is our super woman.

Kindhearted, loving, caring, generous, strong in character, brutally honest yet graceful – I cannot find the perfect words to describe her. She is my kape-mate in the morning, my Whatsapp buddy at mid-day who absorbs all my frustrations (sadly) and my good friend who listens how I survived the day at night.  To me, she is the Ate that I never had but I am most grateful to have met.

To Ate Casey,

May you have more birthdays to celebrate, more sales to come and more happiness in life.

Deeyan always says, “be your own sunshine”, I just realized, you are my sunshine in Dubai.

Don’t worry Ate, I will go back in Dubai, a stronger, better, happier person: buong-buo pati ang puso <3

Thank you very, very much for everything.  I miss you so much!

I love you.


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