To have and to hold

I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honour you all the days of my life.


Looking back, when I learned that Charisse had to climb the gate of CVPC because she stayed too late to wait for Crispin, I knew something is not going right towards our plan of walking down the aisle together, travelling et cetera et cetera. Not me and her, but our double wedding plan! She had my ears smoking between my cute little head when she “ran away from me” and left me alone scrambling on how to pass the Chemistry Board Exam. I said to myself then, “he better be worth it!”.

14 years later, and with Crissan and Cyrille joining the Charisse-Crispin tandem, I came home to witness my bestfriend’s church wedding.

10th year wedding anniversary. Cathedral Church, Dumaguete City. March 21, 2015

Weeks before the ceremony, Charisse and Crispin spent a few days with me. The conversations are endless as usual. There was one point in our conversation that stuck in my head until this very day. It was when Charisse said that during the time of her chemotherapy and at the verge of giving up, it was Crispin’s presence that made her strong and made her feel better after all the seemingly endless vomiting due to the medication. “So it’s true, that there is really someone called The One”, I was tempted to say it out loud, but instead, I silently thought, “if in that terrible condition it was his physical presence that made her feel better, I am convinced he is probably worth all the trouble”. The vow on “in sickness and in health” and the promise on “in good times and in bad” satisfied.

More than 10 years na, may pa kilig moment ka pa. Naks naman! Haha!

So here is my message to my two bestfriends since I have no other choice, you’re stuck to each other like glue;

To Charisse:

An ordinary woman would have given up a long time ago and will not live to what you have survived. It is your character and strength as a woman that makes you successful in your own right. May you always use it to protect your family. May you also learn to forgive and forget the past and to look forward to the better days.

To Crispin:

You are one of The Few, The Proud. I believe your unquestionable loyalty is to your nation and to your wife. Make her proud to stand beside you all the days of her life.

11088539_10204744560786478_650372538467668531_n P.S.

I am inviting myself to your silver wedding and golden anniversary. Thank you in advance.

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