Things I’m GRATEFUL For in 2014



1. Grateful for my UAE life and real estate experience. 

I spent five months in the UAE, between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I am grateful to visit Dubai’s tourist spots and be able to appreciate the gift of creativity of the human being, turning the dessert into life.  I am grateful to visit world renowned iconic buildings. I am grateful to witness the good, the bad and the ugly sides of doing business in a highly multi-cultural community. I am grateful to live the life of an OFW, though brief but very fulfilling and taught me so many things that I have to be grateful for.

2. I am grateful for my new found friends.

To live in a foreign country is not easy. It was made fun by new found friends who become like my family in the UAE. The joy brought by Deeyan, the influence of positivity by Malows, the beauty tips of Gladys, the contagious laughter of Hylin, the mentorship and motherly love of Ate Cassey and the loving support of Ate Alice. The leisurely walks with JP. All these people made my Dubai life easier to live by.

3. Grateful for my family.

My source of strength and inspiration is my family. My family is not perfect but I know they will always be there for me no matter what. I am grateful for mom’s prayers that I will be able to surpass the trials I went through and I did come home in one piece lol. I am grateful for Raymond and Marlon, my two kuyas, who beat me through emails several times haha (I can laugh at it now).

4. Grateful for my loyal clients and referrals.

I am always grateful to my clients and their referrals. Some of them has turned into my good friends and some welcomed me into their families like a sister or a daughter. At one point in my life I have probably done something good for them.

5. Grateful for the lessons life and love has taught me.

I did not reach my target income for the year and in the financial sense may have lost but the lessons I learned and the experience I gained, no amount of money can compensate for it. 2014 was a rocky one but it made the journey more exciting. At the end of the year, I came out more excited about life, more passionate about my career, more inspired to explore the possibilities and more determined to find what truly makes me happy. I also learned who to keep in my life and who to just let go, to choose my battle and to always pray for guidance.

I will end this by saying, in everything that you go through bad or good, don’t lose yourself in the moment, eat healthy, don’t take life so seriously and always be grateful.




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