Things I’m GRATEFUL For in 2014



1. Grateful for my UAE life and real estate experience. 

I spent five months in the UAE, between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I am grateful to visit Dubai’s tourist spots and be able to appreciate the gift of creativity of the human being, turning the dessert into life.  I am grateful to visit world renowned iconic buildings. I am grateful to witness the good, the bad and the ugly sides of doing business in a highly multi-cultural community. I am grateful to live the life of an OFW, though brief but very fulfilling and taught me so many things that I have to be grateful for.

2. I am grateful for my new found friends.

To live in a foreign country is not easy. It was made fun by new found friends who become like my family in the UAE. The joy brought by Deeyan, the influence of positivity by Malows, the beauty tips of Gladys, the contagious laughter of Hylin, the mentorship and motherly love of Ate Cassey and the loving support of Ate Alice. The leisurely walks with JP. All these people made my Dubai life easier to live by.

3. Grateful for my family.

My source of strength and inspiration is my family. My family is not perfect but I know they will always be there for me no matter what. I am grateful for mom’s prayers that I will be able to surpass the trials I went through and I did come home in one piece lol. I am grateful for Raymond and Marlon, my two kuyas, who beat me through emails several times haha (I can laugh at it now).

4. Grateful for my loyal clients and referrals.

I am always grateful to my clients and their referrals. Some of them has turned into my good friends and some welcomed me into their families like a sister or a daughter. At one point in my life I have probably done something good for them.

5. Grateful for the lessons life and love has taught me.

I did not reach my target income for the year and in the financial sense may have lost but the lessons I learned and the experience I gained, no amount of money can compensate for it. 2014 was a rocky one but it made the journey more exciting. At the end of the year, I came out more excited about life, more passionate about my career, more inspired to explore the possibilities and more determined to find what truly makes me happy. I also learned who to keep in my life and who to just let go, to choose my battle and to always pray for guidance.

I will end this by saying, in everything that you go through bad or good, don’t lose yourself in the moment, eat healthy, don’t take life so seriously and always be grateful.




Shine bright like a diamond

Last Friday, November 21, I got invited to grace the 2014 Grand Partners’ Appreciation Night of Primary Homes Inc. primarily because I sold a penthouse at their Woodcrest Residences weeks before I flew to Abu Dhabi for my international real estate exposure. The walk through, follow-up and documentation would not have been made possible without the help of one of my good friend and mentor, Gilda Hubahib Villaceran. I dedicate this entry to this super woman who in one way or another inspired me to become a reliable partner.

With the LAGPN brokers and agents.
With the LAGPN brokers and agents.

When I first knew Gilda, she was still a Regional Property Consultant at Land Asia Realty. I always remember her as the agent with a loud voice and a big laugh, which to be honest irritates me in the beginning. I also find her strict and unapproachable. Her round eyes sometimes frightens me. Well, these are the first common impressions I had with my now good friends and mentors Ismaela Puerto, Lydia Dela Rita, Gloria Econas and Raymond Ong.

With me and her downline Vicky Paracuelles.
With me and her downline Vicky Paracuelles.
Her solo before the awarding.
Her solo before the awarding.












The first deal I closed with Gilda as far as I can remember was an apartment in E. Chavez Extension. As a newbie at that time, I made an honest mistake, which could cost me personal money and could have stopped the transaction from moving forward. Experience is always my best teacher in this industry. I tasted a little “scolding” so to say, but I was relieved that Gilda was on onboard and rescued me from that mess. The rest of our deals went smoothly especially after learning her work ethics and business skills. She has taught me a lot on documentation and offline marketing strategies.

In her gold purse of course! Winner mode :-)
In her gold purse of course! Winner mode 🙂







She was such in high spirit that it is contagious.
She was such in high spirit that it is contagious.







Back to the party, as always Primary Homes Inc. throws one of the grandest parties by a developer in the city. From the choice of location, Oakridge Pavilion, to the buffet, to the entertainment and the amazing prizes they give to their partners every year. Each closing agent gets points which is equivalent to a number of raffle tickets that can win her/him showcases, gadgets, trips, motorcycle and a house and lot package tax free! Every agent who is a reliable partner is looking forward to this big event. Gilda won a house and lot in 2010, isn’t that amazing???

Gilda also won an office showcase.
She also won a tablet.











This year, Gilda was one of the five finalists of their first Huwaran Award. This award is to honor the agent who has been a consistent top seller through the years with unquestionable good moral character. Without a doubt she is one of the two Huwaran Awardees that were recognized that evening, another shining moment for this super woman.

Huwaran Awardee
Huwaran Awardees 2014.

This year Land Asia Realty awarded Gilda as the Salesperson of the Year during its 22nd anniversary. Guess what? She also grabbed the Salesperson of the Year for 2014 from Primary Homes Inc. with a brand new car to drive! She was speechless, well who wouldn’t? She deserves all the awards and recognitions she has today.

All smiles as she receives her Huwaran Award.
With Mr. Espina, VP Sales and Marketing of PHI.
With Mr. Espina, VP Sales and Marketing of PHI.











Looking back at her story, which I wrote in one of our Skyline anniversary issues, I can truly say she is a gem, a well-polished diamond over the years. She remains simple, grounded, still with a loud laugh that is contagious and is now learning how to enjoy life by travelling and have dinners with her classmates and friends. One of the things I learned from her is to treat every person well and to take care of my relationship with clients, colleagues, friends, and family and extend kindness even to the persons who turned their backs on me, for someday they will refer business haha!

To Gilda Hubahib Villaceran, nobody deserves it better than you do! Congratulations!

Our grouphi
Our grouphi. We didn’t win but I still think we are the cutest!
Our grouphi take two!




having good colleagues is important! Sunshine Hoyo Real Estate Services

Sunshine Hoyo talks about the importance of having to affiliated with a real estate company that has a solid background in marketing, have great support in training its brokers and agents and having good colleagues in the company that will help you get through the tough times. If you have questions on how to get into the real estate business, feel free to email

Avoid the Stress When Buying a Property

You bought a property, signed the Deed of Sale, paid the seller in full and you are happy about finally acquiring your dream home. During the process of transfer of ownership, your real estate agent tells you, there is no tax declaration on the building, what would you do? Or the title has a bank mortgage that has not been cleared? Stressful right? Here are a few things that you should do to avoid these problems in the future. I will also discuss briefly why it is important to do these things before you sign the Deed of Sale.

Before signing the Deed of Sale, be sure to ask your real estate agent for the following:
1. Latest Certified True Copy of Title (TCT) / Original Certificate of Title (OCT)
2. Latest Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration on Land / Improvements
3. Latest Certificate of No Improvement (for lot only)
4. Photocopy of Tax Receipt
5. Photocopy of Tax Clearance

Latest Certified True Copy of Title (TCT) / Original Certificate of Title (OCT)

Even if you have the Owner’s Duplicate Copy of the TCT, the Bureau of Internal Revenue will still ask for the latest Certified True Copy of Title. The examiner will tell you that they will need the latest copy from the Register of Deeds. There may be instances when the mortgage, liens and encumbrances has not been annotated/updated at the back of the Owner’s Duplicate Title.

Latest Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration on Land / Improvements

Any improvement that has been constructed on the land has to be declared. The assessor will make an appraisal of the improvements based on the type of materials, and floor areas covered. The seller might have made further improvements or enhancements that has not been declared. Do not be surprised if the assessor will conduct an ocular inspection of the property even if the property is a lot only. Undeclared improvements is subject to penalty based on the total improvements and the length of time the improvements has been there.

Latest Certificate of No Improvement (for lot only)

If the property has no improvement, it is still best to ask for Certificate of No Improvement beforehand so that processing of title will go on smoothly and fast.

Photocopy of Tax Receipt & Tax Clearance

Normally, the seller will update the realty tax until the date of conveyance. There might be realty taxes that has not been paid for years. It is best to seek this information to avoid paying the surcharges especially when the seller after selling the property has left the country or cannot be contacted.

Always seek the advice or help of a professional before you buy a property. You do not need to pay the agent to get these information. It is part of the responsibility of your agent and the seller to produce these necessary documents.

So that’s it folks. I hope this information is helpful and will be passed to your friends and relatives.

There is something else.

New Model Houses – Callia, Monica, Evita and Sabina at Pacific Grand Villas Phase 3 are now available in my website. Pre-selling price range is between P 2.90M to P 4.6M. Lot only packages for as low as P816K are also available at Phase 4B.

Till next time 🙂


How to complete a reservation online?

Hi guys!

This article is about how to make and complete that real estate reservation when you are online. Online means you are geographically located outside of Cebu Province and you only have a representative or a trusted real estate agent who will process the reservation for you.

Here’s the article on just about how to do that.

You are probably working overseas or have lived outside the Philippines for so long you have no idea how to purchase properties in the Philippines. Here are a few steps that will help you purchase that Philippine home for your retirement or for a rental business.

1. Hire a reliable, trust-worthy and knowledgeable real estate broker or agent.

In the Philippines, you do not need to pay the broker’s fee if you are a buyer unless there is an agreement between you and the agent that you will pay him/her for the effort of finding a property.

By practice it is the project developer or the seller who pays the broker/agent their professional fees for closing a deal. This can be a tricky part, how do you know if the agent is reliable? Ask if the agent is a license broker or an accredited salesperson. The Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) is now giving accreditation to salespersons as well. These salespersons are under the supervision of a license real estate broker. If anything goes wrong in the transaction, you can always seek the attention of the real estate broker.

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