People of My Year 2014

People of My Year 2014
People of My Year 2014

My 2014 was a gigantic roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. It was a year of travel, a lot of learning and self-discovery and had one of those turning moment in a woman’s lifetime. I am forever grateful to everyone who in one way or another touched my life and made it better and to those who made it extra special, here they are:

1. Marlon Astillero, DM

If there is one person I look up to when it comes to setting life’s direction and discovering its purpose, that would be Doc Marlon. He seems to know what he wants and works day and night to get it. I wanted to follow his footsteps thus I took my MBA and started my degree in DBA. He is well travelled, a forever student of life, with a great sense of humour, highly motivated and extremely stubborn in a good way. He is my go-to-person when it comes to decision making, but ruthless when it comes to matters of the heart.

2. Raymond Ong

With this year’s ups and downs, Raymond was always there to scold me – yep – scold, lecture, you name it. I think that’s what elder brothers do. Every time I hit rock bottom, he pulls me out and push me hard to the surface. He and Stephany are my “life vest” while I was in the UAE. They keep my business afloat and made sure I still have something to come back to when things don’t work out well for me abroad.

Note to self: Do not ever put Marlon and Raymond again on the same table when you are doing something mischievous haha! I super love this two!

3. Mommy

Mothers always know even when you are not telling them about it. I think I made her prayerful this year. She who seek help to my dad in heaven to guide me. Thank you mommy.

4. Galaxy

My Anna (Frozen) – she is fearless, a lightning of positivity and enthusiasm, with her “go-lang-ng-go” and “no-giving-up” attitude, I know one day she will go places. She is born with excellent marketing skills and I ALWAYS get positive feedback from clients in Dumaguete.

5. Star

My bestest girlfriend ever! I am grateful to have a younger sister who seemed to be my older sister. She just knows how to fix her life with grace and confidence while I seem to struggle all the time with moving forward. If there is one tiny person who can make me smile during those gloomy days, it’s her little Xandy. They are my stars.

6. Moon

The reason I have a stream of clients while away is because I have a silent marketing guy who continues to work for me even without supervision. He keeps me present online.  For two months since I got back from Dubai, I was inactive. Then one day he took out all my plaques (recognitions), my certificates, hang my graduate school picture on the wall and said, “maybe this will give you something to aspire and dream again”. That gesture touched me, big time.

7. Gilda Villaceran, Ismaela Puerto, Lydia Dela Rita, Marissa Inting

My real estate mothers.

Mam G. – my idol. My mentor for offline marketing and customer retention strategies. If I aim to sell like her, I am aiming for the moon.

Mama Mylah – my real estate rockstar. I don’t know how she juggles her career and family life but she does it so well. She takes care of all of us especially me and Doc Marlon.

Mam Lydia – the provider. I will never go hungry, thirsty, be under the sun without shade or ran out of real estate project updates when I am with her. She is a girl scout and well-updated agent rolled into one.

Mam Maris – the mother of all real estate mothers. At the beginning of her career until now she is always very supportive even if sometimes she does not approve of my decisions, but she is always there all the way.

8. Minis & Charisse

Should I call ourselves Biggis now? lol… Life will be so boring without the Minis – bloopers, craziness and all. With these girls, I don’t have to pretend I know the Hollywood stars that everyone is talking about, or read the National Geographic or watched world news. With them I get to be my stupid me, the drunk, the pissed off, the foolish hearted and the fun-loving that I am.

Charisse on the other hand balances my craziness and let me face the real, hard stuff with pride and courage? hehe

9. My Dubai family and JP

Ate Cassey, Ate Alice, Deeyan, Malows, Gladys and Hylin – na polish ang aking salitang Tagalog, nasuka ng bonggang-bongga at natuto paano mamuhay bilang isang OFW. Deeyan our bunso, who is always joyful. Malows my ball of positivity and patience, hindi yata naisulat sa palad niya ang negativity. Gladys ang maganda, at ma love life hihi (peace). Hylin, the hot and the sexy, my inspiration to become Ibong Adarna. Of course Ate Alice and Ate Cassey, my big sisters who helped me cope up being away from my family.

JP, for the long Dubai Mall walks, the coffee breaks and dinners and the seemingly endless conversation and the totally crazy points which I will be getting on in 2015.

10. My new found friends – MJD and JH

Mam Jane is becoming like my sister who encourages me to dress up, make myself pretty and post my ootd hehe.

JH makes me smile and for some reason, I want to keep him smiling too! 🙂

Who are those special persons who made your 2014 more exciting?