Welcome to my r.e.b. (real estate blog)!

Before I even begin I would like to thank my genius friend for helping me in the lay-out of this blogsite. Kudos!

I want to write something a little bit about myself. I am a licensed real estate broker with brokerage practice in Cebu City. My area of specialization is general brokerage (selling and leasing properties), real estate documentation and brokerage trainings. My other interests include travel (it naturally becomes part of the business), food (who doesn’t?), yoga (I’ve done it for a year and been wanting to get back to it), online marketing, trainings on marketing and writing. I want to do video blogs on trainings for salespersons which is one of my projects this year and hopefully will be able to incorporate it on this site later on.

What can you expect from this r.e.b.?

I will be blogging about updates on different projects in Cebu. I may make my own review on certain project developments and on properties listed in my personal site. I will also be writing about tips for buyers and sellers, marketing strategies that I want to share to those who wants to start their own real estate business, good and bad practices in the real estate industry and sometimes maybe out of this world random thoughts and ideas that I just want to share with you.

I will be most happy to hear from you. Comments (constructive) and suggestions on topics and how to improve my blog is most welcome.

This is just the beginning.

Cheers to a good life!

Sunshine Hoyo