11-Bedrooms. 2 Apartments. 6 Level House in Cebu City

This is a beautiful overlooking property in Guadalupe, Cebu City. All in all it has 11 bedrooms, 13 baths, 4 kitchens and 7 car garage set in a 6-level house with 2 apartments renting at P30,000.00 per month. An incredible income generating property with the luxury of cityscape and sea views.

5 Ways to Gain Confidence in Real Estate Selling

1.    Take seminars that will help you learn the basics.

The Land Asia Institute offers FREE seminars on real estate salesmanship, online marketing, offline marketing, and brokerage.  Take advantage of these seminars that will help you gear up for the actual experience. Feels like re-attending the Basic Orientation Course? Why not? Make it a “to do” to attend the BOC not just once but twice!  and as many times as you can until you fully understand the compensation plan and your purpose in joining Land Asia Realty.

2.    Network with peers.

Reach out and introduce yourself to your colleagues. Surround yourself with people who share the same belief and goals. Listen to their stories. Learn the best and worst practices in real estate marketing. Get hold of their experiences from clients, co-salespersons and developers. This will give you a broader perspective of the industry and will help you in formulating your business plan.

3.    Read up on company policies and marketing guidelines. Know about RESA.

Take the time to read the Real Estate Service Act (RA 9646) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). You can look it up online and save a copy. You must remember now that practice is guided by these laws. It is also recommended that you have a copy of the company policies and marketing guidelines. Every company has its do’s and don’ts. You surely do not want to show up in a mall exhibit wearing your favorite jeans, tank top and Havaianas.

4.    Work with a partner.

Although not necessary it is advisable that you work with a partner especially if you are not yet familiar with the property that you are showing to your client. Working with a partner can also help ensure that you do not neglect your other clients especially during open houses or when you are presenting to a group. Should unforeseen circumstances occur, it’s better to have somebody who can call for help.

5.    Seek your GID’s guidance.

Communicate with your GID about your plans. The best way that a GID can help is when he/she is aware of what you need to implement your marketing strategy. Through experience a GID can help you identify your niche and can guide you on the entire sales process from tripping to computation and closing the deal.

This article is written for Land Asia Realty.

Your First Line of Marketing – YOU!

When you joined Land Asia Realty as an Associate Property Consultant, you are briefed about the sales process and the types of marketing strategies that you can implement in your real estate business. During the Basic Orientation Course, you are taught that online marketing is proven to be the most effective lead generation system. Offline marketing is also a great strategy for prospecting and building your network. A motivated salesperson normally leaps into trying out these different marketing strategies without realizing that his first line of marketing is himself and he has not made the most of it.

Barrell and Nash (2005) in Fundamentals of Marketing for the Real Estate Professionals tell us about our sphere of influence, creating personal branding and being loyal to that brand. They highlight that the real estate professional’s greatest asset is himself and thus must be marketed first over every other product. If we take a look at the successful persons in Land Asia Realty to name Roger Mancao, Nilo Bautista and Raymond Ong, they all have one thing in common – they dress for the deal, they speak like a pro and they act in the most genuine and sincere manner that commands respect from their colleagues and clients.

The success story of Global Investment Director Helen Bautista which was featured in Skyline (2010) divulges her marketing secret, the A.B.M. It stands for Always Be Marketing. For Helen, the moment she steps out of her home, she instantly transforms into a “walking business card”. Remember that you are meeting strangers who do not know you personally and their judgment is limited to what they see, what they hear and how you respond to them.

Success only starts when you decide to become successful. A first step can be to decide if you want to broaden your sphere of influence. To network with other groups outside your KKK zone (Kasambahay, Kapamilya and Kakilala) in which you can benefit from personal promotion. After you signed up for Land Asia Realty, who are the first persons you tell about it outside your family? Are you excited that you are now in the real estate industry? Or did you have that hesitant knot in your stomach that makes you want to shrink in shame? These body responses can be your first indicator whether to go full swing or not. Once you have made up your mind the road map to success would light one bulb of clarity leading you towards creating your personal brand.

You are your first line of marketing, so make the most of you!

This article has been written for Land Asia Realty.

1.2 ha land @ P328.25/sqm only! Argao, Cebu.

A few weeks back I had to travel to Argao to inspect a property. The property is located along the national road in Barangay Balisong, I believe it is the boundary between Dalaguete and Argao. Beside the property is a residential subdivision developed by a German national. A small supermarket is also under construction and will open very soon right beside the property which makes it then very easy to locate. Approximately 75% of the total area is flat land planted with gmelina and coconut trees. The 25% is a beautiful hill where three unfinished houses are built. This is a titled land selling at only P328.25 per square meter. The total land area is 12,186 square meters which gives us a total selling price of only Four Million Pesos!

As a real estate broker, I can say this is a very good buy for investors who wants to develop a subdivision later on. As we all know, real estate development is expanding to the southern part of Cebu and across. Big players in the real estate industry such as Primary Homes Inc. have develop their first beach resort community project called Argao Royal Palms.

Argao is known for its beautiful beaches, there’s the Woodruff Beach Resort, Looc Garden Beach Resort and the white sand beach of Arguete Beach Resort to name a few. To know more about Argao, here’s a link to wikipedia 🙂

What I love most about the area is the greenery in the surrounding. If you are looking for a peaceful place for your little haven, this is the perfect spot! Here’s a video I posted on youtube on the property. Enjoy! or get back to me if you wish to talk about this property.

Reminders to Real Estate Buyers


I would like to share with you a few reminders that will help you have that stress-free and happy real estate experience. These reminders are taken no less from the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board. Check out their website  🙂

Before Buying
1) Check if the Project has a License to Sell.

Ask the seller/agent if the Project is Registered and issued License to Sell by HLURB or verify at HLURB, website www.hlurb.gov.ph or you may visit the nearest HLURB Regional Office.

2) Conduct ocular/site visit to subdivision or condominium project.
3) Check for the Date of Completion as indicated in the License to Sell.
4) If the property is mortgage, check for the Mortgage Clearance from HLURB.
5) Check if the facilities and amenities represented in the Advertisement Flyers/Brochures are in accordance with the approved subdivision and condominium plan.

Read more about reminders to real estate buyers

it’s cool to be in graduate school

“Itsouthwestern university mba-repm’s cool to be in graduate school especially if you are in SWU Graduate School of Health Science, Management and Pedagogy”, were the words of Professor Maglasang that triggered crowd cheer and clapping during the Semestral Convocation held at MHAM Lobby last July 21, 2012. The convocation was the avenue both for old and new students and professors to get oriented and re-oriented with the graduate school policies and meet the line-up of professors for the semester.  And I am much honored to be one of the latest addition to the graduate school family not as a student but as a professor, as the dean phrased it.

Being one of the pioneers of the MBA-REPM program and a strong believer in continuing education, I highly encourage everyone to take up graduate school programs. Here’s why.

You have an edge. Academic wise, an MBA or Doctorate diploma looks good on your CV.  Back it up with a shining recommendation, and well worth expertise and experience, you are a few steps closer to landing on your dream job.

It’s priceless.  No amount of seminars and trainings you have attended can equal to that of having a graduate school diploma. In the process it adds confidence and boosts your self-esteem to have one.  It is one of the things you have accomplished in your lifetime that you can take to the grave.

It’s a gateway to more opportunities. I am pretty much lucky that when I graduated I got job offers from different multinational companies. If graduating from college means job hunting it seems to be the other way around in graduate school. Opportunities come from everywhere – whether it’s from a classmate or a referral, a consultancy or a company digging in your online profile, job opportunities patiently sits on your email. How cool is that?

It is always up to us to decide on how we are going to exploit our education, how we decide to use our God-given skills and talent to improve our lives with or without a graduate degree. Graduate school is after all a choice not a privilege.

If you want to have a chat about graduate school programs, graduate school experiences and opportunities, feel free to email me at sunshine.hoyo@gmail.com.

Sunshine Hoyo, MBA-REPM
Graduate School Professor




Hi guys!

I have been quite busy in the past weeks with trippings, presentations and meetings with clients which is amazing! My online marketing efforts are slowly giving me good results that I am making sales every month now! Yaabaadaabaadoooo! I am grateful to the persons who have mentored me, who never fails to encourage me to explore marketing techniques, gave me tips and provided me tools that are very, very helpful in my business. And of course, I am also grateful to those who have forwarded my newsletters to your friends and family. You are my real heroes!

During the past weeks, I have also made some changes in my website, http://sunshinehoyo.com to make it easier to see the properties I recently added.  Plus a new section is added for the real estate SERVICES that I personally render to my clients. If you haven’t checked it, the HouseForSaleinCebu website has got a new design too! We are improving and adding more properties for you!

I am also making videos for the selected properties that I am selling. I find youtube really helpful in my real estate marketing. In fact, I sold one property through youtube! You bet.

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Truly Filipino – Ajoya by Aboitizland

Hi Guys!

For my 11th newsletter, I featured a truly Pinoy development – the Ajoya.

Cordova, Cebu


Ajoya Ajoya~ Be part of the Ajoya community at Cordova, Mactan and witness a seamless fusion of nature and modernity unfolding in an environment that is distinctly and unmistakably Filipino.Each home in the Ajoya community takes inspiration from the best of Filipino architecture with a modern flair, a fitting tribute to all things that make life enjoyable.
Community Features

  • Open-air Clubhouse perfect for gatherings
  • Standard-size basketball court with viewing benches
  • Community assembly area with provisions for Filipino childhood games(patintero, luksong- tinik, etc.)
  • Children’s playground
  • Al fresco picnic area with barbecue stations
  • Recreational pool
  •  Landscaping all throughout the community
ajoyadelan DELANis a 1-Storey Single Detached House for Sale in Cordova, Cebu.Two Bedrooms, One Toilet and Bath, CarportFloor Area: 40 sqm
Lot Area: 120 sqm

Price Starts at P 2,130,233.00



ajoyamuhen MUHENis a 2-Storey Single Detached Medium House for Sale in Cordova, Cebu.Three Bedrooms, Two Toilet and Bath,
Maid’s Room, CarportFloor Area:  64 sq. m
Lot Area:  120 sq. m

Price Starts at P 2,969,812.00

is a 2-Storey Single Detached Large House for Sale in Cordova, Cebu.Three Bedrooms, Three Toilet and Bath,
Maid’s Room, CarportFloor Area:  80 sq. m

Lot Area:  120 sq. m

Price Starts at P 3,759,174.00

ajoyayumi YUMIis a 2-Storey Single Duplex House for Sale in Cordova, Cebu.Two Bedrooms, Two Toilet and Bath, CarportFloor Area:  44 sq. m
Lot Area:  80 sq. m

Price Starts at P 2,112,294.00

ajoyanabi NABIis a 2-Storey Townhouse for Sale in Cordova, Cebu.Three Bedrooms, Two Toilet and Bath,
Maid’s Room, CarportFloor Area:  76 sq. m
Lot Area:  80 sq. m

Price Starts at P 2,459,856.00

is a 3-Storey Shophouse for Sale in Cordova, Cebu.Three Bedrooms, Two Toilet and Bath,
Maid’s Room, Commercial AreaTotal Area:  102 sq. m
Lot Area:  72 sq. m

Price Starts at P 3,810,253.00

Be part of this growing community!

Sold a total of 70% of all its opened inventory. Appreciated 45% since launch date.

This is an investment that will surely last a lifetime.

&nbs p;  Be one of Ajoya’s proud Vecinos!

Ask us for more information about this project. If you like this post, please send this to your friends or visit our website at http://sunshinehoyo.com or our partner site, http://houseforsaleincebu.com which is now owned and managed by yours truly.



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