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Banawa Heights

Apple One derives inspiration from the vibrant spirit and colorful living of the San Francisco Bay Area and puts it right at the heart of the city, right where your passion thrives. Here, your new home is our inspiration.

Home Offerings
The MansionettesOur three-storey Mansionettes are condominiums designed to look like grand houses. The front structures, each with their own exclusive entrances, mirror the back, providing you with just one neighbor outside your door. Surrounded by landscaped gardens, our Mansionette residents enjoy their own amenities, which include a swimming pool and a mini-park.


The VillasEach private cluster in our four-storey walk-up Villas has a maximum of 23 residents, with only six units on every floor. Our Villa residents are provided with their own set of amenities, including a swimming pool, a basketball court, and boutique shops that are perfect for cozy afternoon get-together.
 The TowersTwelve storeys high, our Towers have exclusive elevators for every private cluster with only 49 residents and a maximum of 5 units per floor. Amenities for each Tower are located at the top penthouse, which include a swimming pool, rooftop, pocket gardens, and an outdoor lounge that has a magnificent view of the city and the sea beyond.
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4 girls. 4 months.

It’s the New Year! It is the time for resolutions, creating a new path, taking new directions. This year I will change the tone of my real estate blog (a bit). It will not anymore solely focus on real estate but will feature other aspects of my life in general.

My first blog for the year will not be about real estate nor related to the services I am rendering. This blog is about four girls… nope this is not about Sex & the City.

4 girls.

Meet Ruby – the world traveler. I’ve known her since college and helped me land on my first job here in Cebu City. We’ve had some good times and not so many bad times as we do not take life ultra seriously for it makes us both ill.

Cheers to Niezel – the physical therapist with a thousand megawatt smile.  She got married which took us all by surprise!  But of course, who does not want to marry your very own bestfriend?

Then there’s Ann – sweet faced Ann, domesticated, prayerful, loves dogs and cooking. We do not really get the chance to eat whatever she cooks or should I say we do not want to take the risk?

And of course, there’s me. I do not want to bore you with my story.

4 months.

Over boodle fight dinner at Captain A’s Seafood Grill, we come up with one group resolution which is “to take pictures of our gatherings labeled with date and place”. We barely see each other now and to recall the last time we are actually all physically present in one place, takes a lot of trial and error on our part. haha

Now on to the 4 months – we unanimously believed in the four month rule. This applies to all aspects of life, whether it’s in personal relationships, career goals, travel plans and so forth. The 4-month rule is simple: if nothing happens in four months, then it’s probably not going to happen. I cannot dig deeper into this four month thing in this blog as that will be disclosing too much private information.

We did not talk much about starting a new workout routine (that doesn’t work for us), yearly lose weight plan, exploring an island in the South China Sea or dating a new guy – no, that is not our thing, guys ;-)

What is your group resolution with your girls?

Happy New Year everyone! Spread the love!

Sunshine :-)


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