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To the little girl who believes I wrote the Dork Diaries and lend me her Dork Diaries Tales from a not-so-fabulous life so I can remember what I wrote, you got me digging into my old album for pictures of what my life was when I was 9, like you now, and become inspired to write a short story. I hope you find it fabulous.


I think we were 9 years old when I met your mommy in a reading competition. We did not become friends. We are not enemies either. We were very young and very shy…

At 9 years old, I have long, silky, black hair, as black as the night. Daddy would brush me and my sister’s hair every morning after taking a bath while we are eating our breakfast. Like you, I have the best Daddy in the whole universe! My Daddy was a fisherman. When I was a baby girl, we had a bamboo house near the sea and I still remember Daddy and I would walk to the beach in the morning to collect seashells.  It was such a fun memory!

Like Nikki, I am not popular. I don’t have many, many friends. I only have Eliza and Toto, my childhood bestfriends. I don’t have a secret crush named Brandon. But I do like this boy since we were second grade. His name was Michael. He smiled like an angel and his eyes glitter like gold in the sun. I can tell he doesn’t like me because he would call me “black bangbang” whenever he follows me from school until I get home. He is only walking me home because my grandma, who happens to be his teacher, told him so. Not like you, I don’t have a kuya, I don’t have a protector.

My skin color then is darker than yours, so they call me “black”. I thought my skin color can help tell Daddy that I am her daughter in the classroom haha! So being dark skinned doesn’t bother me. I am proud of it. I am Filipina.

Opposite to Nikki’s life in the story, I can say I had a fabulous life growing up. I can only remember happy times in my childhood. Our summers are spent in Oroquieta City where we meet all our uncles, aunties, cousins, great grandma, and other relatives. We don’t have celphones or ipad or AppleMac back then, but we have books, we draw, we sing, we dance, we eat a lot of fruits, drink milk together, sleep together and play outside until the sun goes tired.

What made my life not-so-fabulous at 9 was when Daddy died of cancer. I was very sad. My mommy, brother and sister were very sad too. We cry almost everyday until we cannot cry anymore.

I was also 9 years old when I become Top 1 in our class and got other awards during recognition day at school. Here is a picture. Daddy died before this day so he is not in the picture to pin my ribbons. I studied very hard that year to become number 1, I want to make him proud of me. I think God probably needs an angel in heaven so badly, that is why he called Daddy early. I know he is looking down from heaven to guard me until this very day.

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Sometimes, life is not-so-fabulous but it doesn’t mean it cannot be great! You will meet friends at school who will become your frienemies or enemies who will become your friends. You will have a new crush who will not like you or a boy who has a crush on you that you terribly don’t like. Some people will tease you of your skin color but it doesn’t mean you are not pretty. They probably have not read yet that black is beautiful and being smart is the new sexy, even if you have a big tummy after eating spaghetti. Life is like that.

It is okay not to have the perfect dress or the best glitter shoes in class, or if your hair gets messy — what is not okay is if you become a bad little girl to your mommy, daddy and kuya. Kuya is probably the “worst” kuya ever compared to your classmates’ kuyas who are cool, but remember, kuya is your protector. His strong arms will protect you from your frienemies. I think he is Baymax in disguise. In fact I think kuya will become your bestfriend in the future.

I will end my story with a secret that you must not tell anyone. I met my Brandon and he is exactly what I imagined him to be 🙂

Study well.

Love, Mommy Shine

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