How to complete a reservation online?

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This article is about how to make and complete that real estate reservation when you are online. Online means you are geographically located outside of Cebu Province and you only have a representative or a trusted real estate agent who will process the reservation for you.

Here’s the article on just about how to do that.

You are probably working overseas or have lived outside the Philippines for so long you have no idea how to purchase properties in the Philippines. Here are a few steps that will help you purchase that Philippine home for your retirement or for a rental business.

1. Hire a reliable, trust-worthy and knowledgeable real estate broker or agent.

In the Philippines, you do not need to pay the broker’s fee if you are a buyer unless there is an agreement between you and the agent that you will pay him/her for the effort of finding a property.

By practice it is the project developer or the seller who pays the broker/agent their professional fees for closing a deal. This can be a tricky part, how do you know if the agent is reliable? Ask if the agent is a license broker or an accredited salesperson. The Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) is now giving accreditation to salespersons as well. These salespersons are under the supervision of a license real estate broker. If anything goes wrong in the transaction, you can always seek the attention of the real estate broker.

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