Being a real estate agent is not just “laway lang ang puhunan”. For some it may look like we only open doors, switch on the lights and give a house tour. Well a dog can do that.

Being a real estate agent requires training, acquiring multiple skills, mastering the skill and continuous upgrade of our personal marketing strategies. Like an athlete we train everyday, rain or shine, night and day, everyday, not only on the days when we feel like it. It takes a lot of hard work, sweat, some sacrifices, a strong mind, body and heart to become a professional real estate service provider. Most of all having the genuine passion to serve.

For ten years, behind the success of this broker is not just a structure or a piece of land being sold or rented, but someone’s trust and confidence, somebody’s experience, someone’s good thoughts of my service and for that I sincerely thank you for your continued support. My goal everyday is to make my service and your experience even better today and in the years to come.

A special thank you to my first mentor and my forever one great love for opening the doors to the real estate world. I never regretted a day in it.

At your service always,
Your Sunshine

Hong Kong – Macau Incentive Trip from Primary Homes Inc.

Before I left for Abu Dhabi in March 2014, I was able to sell a penthouse in Woodcrest Residences in Guadalupe, Cebu City. During that period, there was a special promo for sellers – an all-expenses-paid vacation in Hong Kong – Macau for those who are able to sell at least P8 Million for their selected projects. I am one of those lucky ones 🙂

Aboard Cathay Pacific, I travelled with 23 other agents for this trip incentive. We were given travel allowance on top of the free accommodation and air fare. May I also mention that I also received rice incentive (1.5 sacks Ganador), a brand new cellular phone, P3,500.00 worth of electronic load which I gave away to relatives because I am on a plan, plus PhilHealth and SSS coverage from January 2015 – December 2015. Now I am waiting for my free 6-month gym membership at Fitness First. This is how Primary Homes Inc. takes care of their sellers. I can say that is how it should be.

It is the beginning of summer in Hong Kong and so we have cloudy days and rains during our four days of stay.

Here are some of my photos from the trip.

Avenue of Stars
JC Jewellery. Amethyst Geode in the background.
Victoria Harbour
Salve Pago Piscatorum


macau2 macau3 macau4 macau5 macau6 macau7

The Ruins
The Ruins

the-ruins received_990529420992499

The Venetian Hotel
The Venetian Hotel


The Venetian macau14 macau15

received_990529707659137 received_990530110992430

On our third day, we were given a free day to roam around the city before the dinner-awarding ceremony. Instead of going to the must see sights which me and my roommate, Miss Tenet, have already visited from previous travels, we opted to look for a Chinese restaurant in Nathan Road and roam around the shops of Mongkok area afterwards.

Ho Choi (www.hochoi.com)
Ho Choi (www.hochoi.com)


20150519_134819 20150519_141418 20150519_142036

In the evening, all agents were given a Certificate of Recognition for our hard work and for being a truly reliable partner.

With Miss Chin and Sir Novie of Primary Homes Inc.
With Miss Chin and Sir Novie of Primary Homes Inc.



To cap the night, Miss Tenet and I went to Ritz-Carlton Hotel to have some drinks and to enjoy the view of Hong Kong from the 118th Floor, Ozone Bar (the highest bar in the world).

View from Ozone Bar.
View from Ozone Bar.

All in all, it was an enjoyable trip and it gives us those who loves travelling, more inspiration to sell Primary Homes projects. To PHI, thank you very much!