Dubai: Burj Khalifa Facts

Photo credits to John Palmier.

Did you know that Burj Khalifa’s architectural design was inspired from a regional desert flower called Hymenocallis?

The flower’s harmonious structure is one of the organizing principles of the tower’s design.


My Review: PAREB 2013 Joint VisMin Regional Conference

My Review: PAREB 2013 Joint VisMin Regional Conference
Alona Kew White Beach Resort, Alona Beach
Panglao Island, Bohol
July 26-27, 2013

The Bohol Experience: Mixing Business & Pleasure

We arrived at the venue around past 1pm by taxi from Tagbilaran City. I must note that the taxi driver wasn’t that accommodating and quite frankly we are a bit dismayed. Maybe because we are only local tourists? Meeting one Boholano with that attitude doesn’t change the way we feel about Bohol in general.

Joining me in the trip is our President and CEO, Marissa S. Inting and VP Finance Ray Marc S. Inting. I conducted an Online Marketing Seminar at Land Asia Realty Bohol office in the morning and you can probably imagine the “not wanting to leave yet” feeling and the anticipation to get to the venue on time for the first speaker.

The Hotel

I didn’t get the chance to go around and explore the amenities, which I usually do whenever I stay at a hotel for vacation or business trips. But we are nicely settled at the cottage in the pool area. Too bad it was always raining, it actually rained for two days that we were there and we don’t have our swimwear with us. Maybe I will get the chance to enjoy more of what Alona Kew has to offer in my next trips. Yes, I am definitely coming back Bohol! 🙂

The Venue

There were probably about 300 delegates from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Most delegates are from the Visayas and Mindanao areas. I like it, that the convention center is located outside the hotel, that the influx of delegates doesn’t get in the way of the other hotel guests.

The Speakers

This is my first time to attend a Regional Conference. We usually attend the National Convention and I must say the organizers did a very good job in getting the line-up of speakers and topics; it made the trip so worthwhile.

My favorite topics are:

Green Initiative for a Sustainable Real Estate Industry
“Do not throw your garbage, everything is a resource” – Engr. Archival
Building Homes for the Poor
by Mr. Charlie Ayco, CEO/Managing Director for Habitat For Humanity Phils.

Habitat For Humanity is a non-profit, Christian housing organization that builds affordable, decent homes in partnership with people in need.

Mr. Ayco’s presentation include data on the housing backlog in our country. Currently we have a 3.9 Million housing backlog and by 2030 this will grow to 6.5 Million if this need is not answered. He emphasized on the mismatched housing supplied versus what the market can actually afford which I also agree. There is a big market at the socialized, low-cost and economic housing – the market segment whose needs are not met. He also discussed about the housing multiplier effect, on how investing in real estate developments can move business thus move the economy in the micro and macro level. To me this is a very interesting topic and something both the private and government sector should look into for long-term solution of the informal settlers and renters.

To know more about Habitat, you may visit their website,

BOHOL Means Business!
By Governor Edgar M. Chatto

We discovered interesting facts about Bohol and what to look forward in the future especially in the real estate industry.

Vision Statement of the People of Bohol

“Bohol is a prime eco-cultural tourist destination and a strong, balanced agri-industrial province, with a well-educated, God-loving and law-abiding citizenry, proud of their cultural heritage, enjoying a state of well-being and committed to sound environment management.

Mastery Leads to Higher Productivity
By Gary Hablero – QCRB

This topic is something that we can really use in our everyday business. I also like how he combined business concepts and the motivational thing. I actually took down notes of his 5Ps: Product, Prospect, Process, Papers and Problem Solving. If we master these 5Ps, sooner or later we can create our mark in the real estate industry and be known by our brand.

AIPO Updates
By PRB Chairman EG Ong

Here are some interesting figures to know. As of July 2013 there are 24,387 real estate service practitioners.
Real Estate Consultants – 84
Real Estate Appraisers – 4,618
Real Estate Brokers – 18,599
Real Estate Salespersons – 1,086

There are also notable speakers that talk about Pag-IBIG Loan Program Update, PAREB MLS, PAREB Online, Selling Big Realty Tickets, the Mayor of Panglao, the Mayor of Cebu City who earned a standing ovation and the Art and Science of Selling, the last one we missed because we have to head early for Tagbilaran City so as not to miss our 6pm trip to Cebu. A night of dancing and socializing with a retro theme is the event in the evening.

My Conclusion

It was a quick but nice trip. I will most probably attend the VisMin Regional Conference again next year. Thank you PAREB-BOREB for organizing such a wonderful event. The business side made it a pleasurable experience for us.

I also would like thank our dear President and CEO Marissa S. Inting for encouraging me to attend these conventions and for sponsoring these trips every year. Kudos to PAREB! Kudos to Land Asia Realty!

View more pictures HERE.

Have a great day everyone! 🙂