Throwback Thursday 2008

In 2008, I started my career in real estate as an Associate Property Consultant with Land Asia Realty. A year later I was appointed as Chief of the Brokerage Division where I had the opportunity to learn more about the business. The first two years of my career life was a “when love and hate collide” situation. I managed with the help of very good mentors. #tbt



4 girls. 4 months.

It’s the New Year! It is the time for resolutions, creating a new path, taking new directions. This year I will change the tone of my real estate blog (a bit). It will not anymore solely focus on real estate but will feature other aspects of my life in general.

My first blog for the year will not be about real estate nor related to the services I am rendering. This blog is about four girls… nope this is not about Sex & the City.

4 girls.

Meet Ruby – the world traveler. I’ve known her since college and helped me land on my first job here in Cebu City. We’ve had some good times and not so many bad times as we do not take life ultra seriously for it makes us both ill.

Cheers to Niezel – the physical therapist with a thousand megawatt smile.  She got married which took us all by surprise!  But of course, who does not want to marry your very own bestfriend?

Then there’s Ann – sweet faced Ann, domesticated, prayerful, loves dogs and cooking. We do not really get the chance to eat whatever she cooks or should I say we do not want to take the risk?

And of course, there’s me. I do not want to bore you with my story.

4 months.

Over boodle fight dinner at Captain A’s Seafood Grill, we come up with one group resolution which is “to take pictures of our gatherings labeled with date and place”. We barely see each other now and to recall the last time we are actually all physically present in one place, takes a lot of trial and error on our part. haha

Now on to the 4 months – we unanimously believed in the four month rule. This applies to all aspects of life, whether it’s in personal relationships, career goals, travel plans and so forth. The 4-month rule is simple: if nothing happens in four months, then it’s probably not going to happen. I cannot dig deeper into this four month thing in this blog as that will be disclosing too much private information.

We did not talk much about starting a new workout routine (that doesn’t work for us), yearly lose weight plan, exploring an island in the South China Sea or dating a new guy – no, that is not our thing, guys 😉

What is your group resolution with your girls?

Happy New Year everyone! Spread the love!

Sunshine 🙂


having good colleagues is important! Sunshine Hoyo Real Estate Services

Sunshine Hoyo talks about the importance of having to affiliated with a real estate company that has a solid background in marketing, have great support in training its brokers and agents and having good colleagues in the company that will help you get through the tough times. If you have questions on how to get into the real estate business, feel free to email

it’s cool to be in graduate school

“Itsouthwestern university mba-repm’s cool to be in graduate school especially if you are in SWU Graduate School of Health Science, Management and Pedagogy”, were the words of Professor Maglasang that triggered crowd cheer and clapping during the Semestral Convocation held at MHAM Lobby last July 21, 2012. The convocation was the avenue both for old and new students and professors to get oriented and re-oriented with the graduate school policies and meet the line-up of professors for the semester.  And I am much honored to be one of the latest addition to the graduate school family not as a student but as a professor, as the dean phrased it.

Being one of the pioneers of the MBA-REPM program and a strong believer in continuing education, I highly encourage everyone to take up graduate school programs. Here’s why.

You have an edge. Academic wise, an MBA or Doctorate diploma looks good on your CV.  Back it up with a shining recommendation, and well worth expertise and experience, you are a few steps closer to landing on your dream job.

It’s priceless.  No amount of seminars and trainings you have attended can equal to that of having a graduate school diploma. In the process it adds confidence and boosts your self-esteem to have one.  It is one of the things you have accomplished in your lifetime that you can take to the grave.

It’s a gateway to more opportunities. I am pretty much lucky that when I graduated I got job offers from different multinational companies. If graduating from college means job hunting it seems to be the other way around in graduate school. Opportunities come from everywhere – whether it’s from a classmate or a referral, a consultancy or a company digging in your online profile, job opportunities patiently sits on your email. How cool is that?

It is always up to us to decide on how we are going to exploit our education, how we decide to use our God-given skills and talent to improve our lives with or without a graduate degree. Graduate school is after all a choice not a privilege.

If you want to have a chat about graduate school programs, graduate school experiences and opportunities, feel free to email me at

Sunshine Hoyo, MBA-REPM
Graduate School Professor



Welcome to my r.e.b. (real estate blog)!

Before I even begin I would like to thank my genius friend for helping me in the lay-out of this blogsite. Kudos!

I want to write something a little bit about myself. I am a licensed real estate broker with brokerage practice in Cebu City. My area of specialization is general brokerage (selling and leasing properties), real estate documentation and brokerage trainings. My other interests include travel (it naturally becomes part of the business), food (who doesn’t?), yoga (I’ve done it for a year and been wanting to get back to it), online marketing, trainings on marketing and writing. I want to do video blogs on trainings for salespersons which is one of my projects this year and hopefully will be able to incorporate it on this site later on.

What can you expect from this r.e.b.?

I will be blogging about updates on different projects in Cebu. I may make my own review on certain project developments and on properties listed in my personal site. I will also be writing about tips for buyers and sellers, marketing strategies that I want to share to those who wants to start their own real estate business, good and bad practices in the real estate industry and sometimes maybe out of this world random thoughts and ideas that I just want to share with you.

I will be most happy to hear from you. Comments (constructive) and suggestions on topics and how to improve my blog is most welcome.

This is just the beginning.

Cheers to a good life!

Sunshine Hoyo