Avoid the Stress When Buying a Property

You bought a property, signed the Deed of Sale, paid the seller in full and you are happy about finally acquiring your dream home. During the process of transfer of ownership, your real estate agent tells you, there is no tax declaration on the building, what would you do? Or the title has a bank mortgage that has not been cleared? Stressful right? Here are a few things that you should do to avoid these problems in the future. I will also discuss briefly why it is important to do these things before you sign the Deed of Sale.

Before signing the Deed of Sale, be sure to ask your real estate agent for the following:
1. Latest Certified True Copy of Title (TCT) / Original Certificate of Title (OCT)
2. Latest Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration on Land / Improvements
3. Latest Certificate of No Improvement (for lot only)
4. Photocopy of Tax Receipt
5. Photocopy of Tax Clearance

Latest Certified True Copy of Title (TCT) / Original Certificate of Title (OCT)

Even if you have the Owner’s Duplicate Copy of the TCT, the Bureau of Internal Revenue will still ask for the latest Certified True Copy of Title. The examiner will tell you that they will need the latest copy from the Register of Deeds. There may be instances when the mortgage, liens and encumbrances has not been annotated/updated at the back of the Owner’s Duplicate Title.

Latest Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration on Land / Improvements

Any improvement that has been constructed on the land has to be declared. The assessor will make an appraisal of the improvements based on the type of materials, and floor areas covered. The seller might have made further improvements or enhancements that has not been declared. Do not be surprised if the assessor will conduct an ocular inspection of the property even if the property is a lot only. Undeclared improvements is subject to penalty based on the total improvements and the length of time the improvements has been there.

Latest Certificate of No Improvement (for lot only)

If the property has no improvement, it is still best to ask for Certificate of No Improvement beforehand so that processing of title will go on smoothly and fast.

Photocopy of Tax Receipt & Tax Clearance

Normally, the seller will update the realty tax until the date of conveyance. There might be realty taxes that has not been paid for years. It is best to seek this information to avoid paying the surcharges especially when the seller after selling the property has left the country or cannot be contacted.

Always seek the advice or help of a professional before you buy a property. You do not need to pay the agent to get these information. It is part of the responsibility of your agent and the seller to produce these necessary documents.

So that’s it folks. I hope this information is helpful and will be passed to your friends and relatives.

There is something else.

New Model Houses – Callia, Monica, Evita and Sabina at Pacific Grand Villas Phase 3 are now available in my website. Pre-selling price range is between P 2.90M to P 4.6M. Lot only packages for as low as P816K are also available at Phase 4B.

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Corona del Mar

house for sale in corona del mar This 3-storey house is situated in phase 1, a prime area overlooking the sea and is well maintained with easy access to the facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pools which are literally a 30-second walk away. It is a four-bedroom house with amazing view of the sea and subdivision amenities. Fully fitted and furnished with split air conditioning in all rooms, a DREAM Satellite, Wi-Fi, water pressure tank. Beautifully landscape garden. Perimeter fence with gate. Two carport.

Lot Area: 217 square meters
Floor Area: 350 square meters
Selling Price: Php13M (inclusive of capital gains tax)
Documentary stamp tax and transfer charges on buyer’s account

How to complete a reservation online?

Hi guys!

This article is about how to make and complete that real estate reservation when you are online. Online means you are geographically located outside of Cebu Province and you only have a representative or a trusted real estate agent who will process the reservation for you.

Here’s the article on just about how to do that.

You are probably working overseas or have lived outside the Philippines for so long you have no idea how to purchase properties in the Philippines. Here are a few steps that will help you purchase that Philippine home for your retirement or for a rental business.

1. Hire a reliable, trust-worthy and knowledgeable real estate broker or agent.

In the Philippines, you do not need to pay the broker’s fee if you are a buyer unless there is an agreement between you and the agent that you will pay him/her for the effort of finding a property.

By practice it is the project developer or the seller who pays the broker/agent their professional fees for closing a deal. This can be a tricky part, how do you know if the agent is reliable? Ask if the agent is a license broker or an accredited salesperson. The Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) is now giving accreditation to salespersons as well. These salespersons are under the supervision of a license real estate broker. If anything goes wrong in the transaction, you can always seek the attention of the real estate broker.

Read more

Mactan Madness

Over the week I have been travelling back and forth to Mactan Island for my clients that I thought of sharing with you three middle-market subdivisions that are serving the market really well through quality and on-time delivery of units, reasonable pricing, client-friendly financing schemes and reliable property management team.

Filipino-themed Ajoya

If you are into townhouses, the Nabi should be the first on your list. It has a spacious feel with a good sized bedroom on the ground floor. You don’t even need an end-unit. It’s only a cluster of four.

Italian-inspired Alegria Palms

A Palacios Grande will be a good choice for a two-storey single-detached home in this subdivision. The cozy balcony is a perfect spot for an early morning coffee.

Classy Mediterranean Bayswater

Retiring soon? Think about Adelfa, your bungalow in this luxurious self-contained community with world class facilities and amenities that will enrich and enliven your lifestyle. After all retirement means you deserve to have the best!

So there goes my top three in Mactan Island. I hope to hear from you guys. If you have something in your mind about real estate, please don’t hesitate to email me and we’ll see what I can do for you.

I am on Skype! sunshine.hoyo 🙂



In my attempt to explore my video editing skills, I came up with this! Watch it here.

The hills are alive!

The summer is finally here! Everyone’s hitting the beach and on vacation mode. I just got back from a little vacation myself and enjoyed quality time with my sisters and mom.

Sunburnt Sunshine is now back to business and look up on properties that has been on the hills for awhile that I think needs to be out there again to answer your queries on hillside properties particularly, South Hills Subdivision.

Are you one of those folks who are dreaming of a property on the hillside with magnificent view of the city lights at night and the seemingly endless horizon by day? Well, this one is just for you!

Three-level house at Kirkwood. View: Magnificent!
One-storey house with pool ++ panoramic view
Three-level house at Brighton Court. Mountain + partial seaview
An expensive property with a million dollar view!
300sqm/3,228 sqft land at Amber Lane. View: Perfect!

There is always a con. I need to warn you in advance that the public road going to this subdivision is not that good. But what is a few meters of a little bumpy road on your way to your dream property by the hills?

There is something else.

I had the chance to have a short trip down southwest of Cebu with a girlfriend and her mom to visit this lovely house on a cliff in a peaceful town called Aloguinsan. The house sits on a generous land with fruit bearing trees, landscaped gardens and an endless view of the sea.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH the video I made out of pictures taken from my camera during the visit. The music playing in the background is from a song of one of my favorite artists of all time 🙂

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We’ve got it all

Crown Riverdale TalambanSome of you liked, commented and sent me private messages when this photo was posted on my FB wall. I know — it’s a beautiful shot of the house and me 🙂 Click on the image to view interior images of this American inspired model house named Murano 155.  It is located on a peak park prime lot which gives you a scenic view of the mountains, lush greenery and a park right across it!  Wow..

More model houses are available at Crown Riverdale so don’t miss to click on the Riverdale Houses.

There is something else.

Official selling date will be on March 20, 2012 yet, but I want you to be one of the first people to know about the first economic condo project walking distance to SM City Cebu. Can you believe that? At an all-inclusive selling price of P 1,420,000.00 (of course this is only pre-selling price) you are very close to “everything” – shopping, schools, seaport and airport.  The deliverable unit is already finished and fitted at this price. This is ideal for a transient rental business for people who are on short trips to Cebu. If you are interested to get a unit, simply reply to this email or email us at info@sunshinehoyo.com with the subject San Marino.

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Best buys in the South

Over the week I have visited different housing projects in the south to get the latest construction updates on the sites. In this email, I will feature mid-market housing projects specifically in the Municipality of Minglanilla that I think as a Realtor are best buys in this area based on developer’s track record to deliver on-time quality units, good project management team, practical amenities that you and your family can enjoy and of course the most suitable location for your day-to-day living.

Here’s my top 3:

#1. Kamalaya II Residences and Terraces, Minglanilla (Model units now available for viewing)

#2. Modena, Minglanilla (Ongoing land development, Feb. 2012)

#3. Vizkaya Zen Residences, Minglanilla (Ongoing land development, Feb. 2012)

Important: If you are from Cebu and have not been home for quite sometime, you will be happy to know about the major changes that are happening since you left. Municipalities in the south now have easy access to and from airport via SRP. Major shops, schools and businesses are now operating branches in the south. With this economic growth in the south, real estate housing have also evolved.

There is something else.

Real estate developers normally increase the price of the units between 3%-10% as the site development progresses. It is highly recommended to purchase houses from developers during the pre-selling stage. This has been the strategy of most investors who are into buying and selling properties.

Next week, I will be writing about my best buys in the north and Mactan areas.

If you would like to get more information on a specific housing project, please feel free to write to us. You can also send us your questions through facebook and twitter accounts.

Enjoy the rest of the week!



Hi guys!

I have been visiting real estate projects lately to gather site and construction updates of the properties that I am selling to you.  These two pictures have an impact on me. First, I like to see huge houses and second I like to see the contrast between a giant house and a small me 😉

I really have a thought here but I do not know where it is leading. I want to leave you a quote that I read somewhere, I cannot remember who said it but it says,

“Create a life that you want to spend the rest of your life living in it.”

It is a Saturday! Have a blast!


Where living space matters…

You’re living the life. You need the space. What you deserve to get matters – to us.

As a real estate broker I completely understand the look on my clients’ faces each time I invited them to a showroom or a model unit of a condo that they would have wanted to invest on. It’s either too pricey or too small. Bottomline it’s all about the livable space in a condo unit.

In this video (this is my first newsletter with a video! yipee!) nope, I am not going to be on it, yet. This video will show you a particular new condominium project in Cebu, on a nice location, with practical amenities, enough livable space for you to stay comfortably – at the right price.

Please click to watch. There is a link at the bottom of the video that will lead you to the page in my website. Since this is a new project, expect BIG, BIG promo discounts!

There is something else.

Last February 4, I attended the Cebu launch party of a beachside community project located in Dauin, Negros Oriental. The Plantation’s beachside community offers 40 stunning luxury villas and an investment return. Check out Atmosphere Resorts to find out what this little paradise will feel like once it is completed.

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