Things I’m GRATEFUL For in 2014



1. Grateful for my UAE life and real estate experience. 

I spent five months in the UAE, between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I am grateful to visit Dubai’s tourist spots and be able to appreciate the gift of creativity of the human being, turning the dessert into life.  I am grateful to visit world renowned iconic buildings. I am grateful to witness the good, the bad and the ugly sides of doing business in a highly multi-cultural community. I am grateful to live the life of an OFW, though brief but very fulfilling and taught me so many things that I have to be grateful for.

2. I am grateful for my new found friends.

To live in a foreign country is not easy. It was made fun by new found friends who become like my family in the UAE. The joy brought by Deeyan, the influence of positivity by Malows, the beauty tips of Gladys, the contagious laughter of Hylin, the mentorship and motherly love of Ate Cassey and the loving support of Ate Alice. The leisurely walks with JP. All these people made my Dubai life easier to live by.

3. Grateful for my family.

My source of strength and inspiration is my family. My family is not perfect but I know they will always be there for me no matter what. I am grateful for mom’s prayers that I will be able to surpass the trials I went through and I did come home in one piece lol. I am grateful for Raymond and Marlon, my two kuyas, who beat me through emails several times haha (I can laugh at it now).

4. Grateful for my loyal clients and referrals.

I am always grateful to my clients and their referrals. Some of them has turned into my good friends and some welcomed me into their families like a sister or a daughter. At one point in my life I have probably done something good for them.

5. Grateful for the lessons life and love has taught me.

I did not reach my target income for the year and in the financial sense may have lost but the lessons I learned and the experience I gained, no amount of money can compensate for it. 2014 was a rocky one but it made the journey more exciting. At the end of the year, I came out more excited about life, more passionate about my career, more inspired to explore the possibilities and more determined to find what truly makes me happy. I also learned who to keep in my life and who to just let go, to choose my battle and to always pray for guidance.

I will end this by saying, in everything that you go through bad or good, don’t lose yourself in the moment, eat healthy, don’t take life so seriously and always be grateful.




How to survive LDR

In today’s time and technology, I can say distance is not anymore a big problem. You can do business all over the world wherever you are as long as you are connected to the internet. However, when it comes to personal relationships no amount of Skyping or Facebook Messenger calling can connect the physical length between sweethearts, between mother and child and between families.

Here are my thoughts on how possibly two people can survive this long distant relationship thing. I will not be writing about the physical ways but more on how to nurture the relationship during the distance.

  1. Communicate effectively and consistently.


For a brief period of time, I experienced the life of an OFW in Dubai. I can faithfully attest it is not easy. What do I want to hear from my family back then? Everything that is happening in their daily lives! We all have different ways to cope with loneliness. If your partner is the kind who wants to take part of your daily existence then communicate effectively and consistently. When I say effectively, I mean explain well what you mean or in detail if necessary. It will help a lot if you somehow screen the little problems that you can solve on your own, as this might add stress to your partner who is already dealing with a lot of stress at work, with his schedule, with his colleagues and from missing you.

If your partner happens to be a seafarer who doesn’t get a satellite signal for days, continue to keep in touch even if you don’t get an immediate response. For sure he/she will be reading and re-reading your messages and viewing your saved pictures before bedtime.

  1. Work on your personal goals.


Make use of this time apart to work on your personal goals. Time management is the key to everything. Idle and unproductive moments can sometimes lead you to think of unhappy thoughts and create fears that are not really happening. If your kids are sucking up all your energy, make it a personal goal to have your “me time”, your own time wherein you only do the things that make you personally happy and can revive your energy in any way possible.

If you enjoy spending “me time” with your husband in the privacy of your bedroom Skyping, so much better.  It will tell him how important he is to your life as a lover, and as a partner and not just a provider.

  1. Work on that trust issue everyday.



In order to avoid conflict and doubt, keep your partner posted on your whereabouts. I met a man in Dubai who eventually became my good friend who told me that in everything that he does, his wife is the first to know – from the moment he wakes up (what mood he’s into), the food he eats, the places he’s been to, the people he met, down to the desires of his heart at any given moment. Again, this goes back to my point number 1, to communicate effectively.

In my personal opinion, distance is not an issue as long as the trust, respect and love is keeping your relationship alive. I have witnessed couples that managed to stay together for the sake of keeping the family intact but the love has been long gone. There were also couples that appear sweet but are not really happy.

Long distant relationship will work as long as you are both committed to make it work.

Here’s the funny thing, I have had three serious relationships that are all long distant that didn’t work. So I may not be the best person to write about this after all haha! Thanks for reading, until next time.

Hugs <3



My berry happy birthday :-)

This entry I wrote while I was in Dubai but failed to post it. I am posting it now before my memory fails me.

It was my first time to celebrate my birthday away from everyone that matters to me. I had birthday blues a week before the actual day. As it turns out, I had four mini-celebrations filled with surprises.

The first celebration. Sofitel Corniche Abu Dhabi, 5 July 2014.

I was gifted with an overnight stay at Sofitel Corniche Abu Dhabi, which I took a week before my birthday. Thank you very much to the sponsor, you know who you are. You are always so generous and so kind to me all these years. May you be blessed more 🙂




It was Ramadan time and there were only very few guests, I was given an upgrade. A sea view room :-)
It was Ramadan time and there were only very few guests, I was given an upgrade. A sea view room 🙂
I super love the bath! I enjoyed a few bubble baths during my stay.
I super love the bath! I enjoyed a few bubble baths during my stay.
Again, I have all these food all to myself at breakfast.
Again, I have all these food all to myself at breakfast.
Forgive my not so lady like image while eating.

The second celebration. Abu Dhabi, 8 July 2014.

The night before my birthday, I got depressed while walking around MOE and decided to go to Abu Dhabi where I had a little surprise dinner from my kambal. I know he had gone out of his way to prepare something at such short notice. Thank you as always.

happy belly and happy heart :-)
happy belly and happy heart 🙂

The third celebration. House2HomeUAE office, Churchill Towers, Business Bay, 9 July 2014.

My boss bought me a blueberry cheesecake (my fave), which we all shared with the Property Consultants.  Despite the Ramadan the guys still showed up in the office to greet me. It was a happy day.




The fourth celebration. My home in Business Bay, 9 July 2014.

Dinner with my roommates! The most fun part was the surprise! A fruitcake, a pink rose and balloons with LED lights waiting for me on my bed! I felt guilty that they stayed up late while waiting for me to arrive the night before. That would probably make me give way and burst to tears. I love their greetings on the balloons.  I am so blessed to find such room filled with a bunch of happy, generous people. Guys, you’re the best! I will not survived the day without all of you. Mabuhay ang 301 Al Fardan haha!

From Abu Dhabi, barely dressed as I prepare for office, this was waiting for me on my bed. I am so close to tears.
From Abu Dhabi, barely dressed as I prepare for office, this was waiting for me on my bed. I am so close to tears.

20140709_173159 20140709_173218

20140709_173247 20140709_173301

20140709_173323 20140709_190454

20140709_190506 20140709_190514

20140709_190521 20140709_190535

Thank you for all your wishes and greetings. I am now 33 years old and rocking it 🙂

Shine bright like a diamond

Last Friday, November 21, I got invited to grace the 2014 Grand Partners’ Appreciation Night of Primary Homes Inc. primarily because I sold a penthouse at their Woodcrest Residences weeks before I flew to Abu Dhabi for my international real estate exposure. The walk through, follow-up and documentation would not have been made possible without the help of one of my good friend and mentor, Gilda Hubahib Villaceran. I dedicate this entry to this super woman who in one way or another inspired me to become a reliable partner.

With the LAGPN brokers and agents.
With the LAGPN brokers and agents.

When I first knew Gilda, she was still a Regional Property Consultant at Land Asia Realty. I always remember her as the agent with a loud voice and a big laugh, which to be honest irritates me in the beginning. I also find her strict and unapproachable. Her round eyes sometimes frightens me. Well, these are the first common impressions I had with my now good friends and mentors Ismaela Puerto, Lydia Dela Rita, Gloria Econas and Raymond Ong.

With me and her downline Vicky Paracuelles.
With me and her downline Vicky Paracuelles.
Her solo before the awarding.
Her solo before the awarding.












The first deal I closed with Gilda as far as I can remember was an apartment in E. Chavez Extension. As a newbie at that time, I made an honest mistake, which could cost me personal money and could have stopped the transaction from moving forward. Experience is always my best teacher in this industry. I tasted a little “scolding” so to say, but I was relieved that Gilda was on onboard and rescued me from that mess. The rest of our deals went smoothly especially after learning her work ethics and business skills. She has taught me a lot on documentation and offline marketing strategies.

In her gold purse of course! Winner mode :-)
In her gold purse of course! Winner mode 🙂







She was such in high spirit that it is contagious.
She was such in high spirit that it is contagious.







Back to the party, as always Primary Homes Inc. throws one of the grandest parties by a developer in the city. From the choice of location, Oakridge Pavilion, to the buffet, to the entertainment and the amazing prizes they give to their partners every year. Each closing agent gets points which is equivalent to a number of raffle tickets that can win her/him showcases, gadgets, trips, motorcycle and a house and lot package tax free! Every agent who is a reliable partner is looking forward to this big event. Gilda won a house and lot in 2010, isn’t that amazing???

Gilda also won an office showcase.
She also won a tablet.











This year, Gilda was one of the five finalists of their first Huwaran Award. This award is to honor the agent who has been a consistent top seller through the years with unquestionable good moral character. Without a doubt she is one of the two Huwaran Awardees that were recognized that evening, another shining moment for this super woman.

Huwaran Awardee
Huwaran Awardees 2014.

This year Land Asia Realty awarded Gilda as the Salesperson of the Year during its 22nd anniversary. Guess what? She also grabbed the Salesperson of the Year for 2014 from Primary Homes Inc. with a brand new car to drive! She was speechless, well who wouldn’t? She deserves all the awards and recognitions she has today.

All smiles as she receives her Huwaran Award.
With Mr. Espina, VP Sales and Marketing of PHI.
With Mr. Espina, VP Sales and Marketing of PHI.











Looking back at her story, which I wrote in one of our Skyline anniversary issues, I can truly say she is a gem, a well-polished diamond over the years. She remains simple, grounded, still with a loud laugh that is contagious and is now learning how to enjoy life by travelling and have dinners with her classmates and friends. One of the things I learned from her is to treat every person well and to take care of my relationship with clients, colleagues, friends, and family and extend kindness even to the persons who turned their backs on me, for someday they will refer business haha!

To Gilda Hubahib Villaceran, nobody deserves it better than you do! Congratulations!

Our grouphi
Our grouphi. We didn’t win but I still think we are the cutest!
Our grouphi take two!




leave it OR live it

A few nights ago, I received a private message from a friend, a beautiful, young woman. It is very rare for me to receive this kind of query at an unholy hour, which I understand. Matters of the heart usually give us those sleepless nights.


My reply to this and I quote:

“Cool off is u are still in the relationship but giving each other space and time”

“Buwag is the relationship ends na”  (buwag – broke up)

“Buwag is no more chance to heal it. Communication is closed na.”

And she replied:


Haha! Oo nga naman Shine …

This may be a common issue among young relationships but when you are in their shoes, sometimes you get confused too (like I did in the past lol).  It is a war between the emotion and the common sense, which when we are in cloud 9 we lost all senses.

We all go through this kind of relationship at some point in our lives. Lucky are those who have found “the one” earlier in their lives, and grew together in the relationship. Remember your grandparents’ love story?


I cannot relay her entire story but here’s my take.

  1. Space and time.  I am the “LEAVE ME ALONE” kind of person who doesn’t want to be bothered when hurt.  We all need space to think clearly and time to nurse our hurt ego. But it is important that you know where you stand. Baka wala ka na palang hinihintay o babalikan.
  1. Communicate. It is a choice if you want to fight for the relationship. Sorry to say this, but for me, once he cheated thrice (mabait pa ako ha), he is a certified cheater. It is an addiction that is hard to let go. Relationship is built on trust, respect and friendship and all three takes time to flourish.
  1. Love yourself a little more. This is not pride talking but your sense of self. You may lose everything for that love, but never let go of your self. Therefore, eat less sweets and shop for the healthier stuff.

This is Shine, your love guru for a day 🙂


to my sunshine in Dubai – Ate Casey

If I am in Dubai today there are two things I surely did, I will be at Safestway Hypermarket buying a bouquet of flowers and cake for this amazing woman for her very special day.

The rest of the girls call her Tita, but I call her Ate Casey. She is like our mommy in Dubai. She takes care of all of us. From Dubai weather to fashion to events to surviving Dubai to teleseryes to dealing with our personal matters – she is our super woman.

Kindhearted, loving, caring, generous, strong in character, brutally honest yet graceful – I cannot find the perfect words to describe her. She is my kape-mate in the morning, my Whatsapp buddy at mid-day who absorbs all my frustrations (sadly) and my good friend who listens how I survived the day at night.  To me, she is the Ate that I never had but I am most grateful to have met.

To Ate Casey,

May you have more birthdays to celebrate, more sales to come and more happiness in life.

Deeyan always says, “be your own sunshine”, I just realized, you are my sunshine in Dubai.

Don’t worry Ate, I will go back in Dubai, a stronger, better, happier person: buong-buo pati ang puso <3

Thank you very, very much for everything.  I miss you so much!

I love you.


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Dubai: Burj Khalifa Facts

Photo credits to John Palmier.

Did you know that Burj Khalifa’s architectural design was inspired from a regional desert flower called Hymenocallis?

The flower’s harmonious structure is one of the organizing principles of the tower’s design.


Throwback Thursday 2008

In 2008, I started my career in real estate as an Associate Property Consultant with Land Asia Realty. A year later I was appointed as Chief of the Brokerage Division where I had the opportunity to learn more about the business. The first two years of my career life was a “when love and hate collide” situation. I managed with the help of very good mentors. #tbt



People of My Year 2013

I have so many people in my life that made my 2013 a truly colorful journey but here are a few who made it extra special and super fun! To all of you thank you, thank very much. I look forward to 2014 with great enthusiasm knowing that you are in my life.

Marlon Astillero, DM
My colleague, mentor, friend, and the older brother I never had. He is the most levelheaded person I know. In addition to being down to earth despite his personal achievements, he is a self-made man who is unpretentious, and generous in sharing his expertise and wisdom (tooth hehe as he often jokes), to his circle. He is sometimes brutally honest and unforgiving especially on the matters that are life changing, but in the end, it all makes sense.

He believes in personality development and imparts this to others. He encouraged me to take MBA and doctorate, to travel and see more places, to challenge myself and explore my potential as a professional. He has helped me not only professionally but also in so many ways personally saved me from disasters brought by my own misjudgments. My kind of friendship with him is one of the very few, I cannot afford to lose.

Mario Kong Mercado and Cris Mercado
Sir Mario is one of my students at the graduate school taking up MBA in Real Estate and Property Management. Having a very challenging background, he inspires me a lot to become a better businessperson. There is no boring moment with this man. His inputs, his experience that he unselfishly shares to the class and to me as a person is life changing. One thing I learned from Sir Mario is that, whatever happens in life, no matter how hard you hit rock bottom, you should always find a way to bounce back and bounce back higher every time.

Mam Cris, his loving wife and business partner, is equally hardworking and an achiever as well. Despite having a strong professional background, she remains the woman behind Sir Mario’s success.

I still get “uber kilig” thinking about their love story and secretly wished I will have a similar story I can pass on to my future child. This is the couple I will always look up to whose life story I will reflect on every time life throws me a challenge.

Raymond Ong, GID, LARDC
My brokerage division partner and true friend. I admire Sir Raymond for his excellent work ethics and unquestionable dedication to the company and to his profession. He is someone I can literally confide to at any time of the day, with anything under the sun. His love of family and the willingness to provide inspires me to become a better provider to my future child. His story is truly inspiring not only to me but to the rest of the people who has known him on a personal level. I cannot imagine closing a brokerage sale without his meticulous efforts in reviewing the documents. Knowing he will be around, I can sleep soundly anywhere in any island of the Philippines trusting that he can carry on a brokerage transaction without a problem. He is one man with dignity that I can count on at all times.

Marissa Inting, President and CEO, LARDC
My second mother, travel buddy and best friend. It is an honor to be called an adopted daughter or the first daughter of a woman who possesses such deep strength and beauty. She carries the responsibility of being the President and CEO of a big realty firm, at the same time being a mother of three and a wife to a highly decorated Realtor, with so much grace and humility. She highly supports my goals and encourages me to attend conventions that will enhance my expertise as a real estate practitioner. She is the kind of person who is not afraid to let me shine in my own special way even if it means she will be standing in the background. She is to me a Superwoman!

Mary Quinn
My client turned friend. My number one follower and supporter on Facebook ☺ In real estate, her profile and the like – is my market. The epitome of a successful, happy and contented woman whose love of family is greater than her love of self. A supermom to her two boys and the rest of the clan, I admire her for being so hardworking and staying happy at all times despite the challenges in life. Her happiness influences others to become happy as well. She is my pocketful of sunshine.

Gilda Villaceran, Ismaela Puerto and Lydia Dela Rita
My real estate mothers! These three women feed me not only with real estate updates and information but with good food as well. I am lucky to be in the company of successful women and mothers who cares so much about my wellbeing including making sure that I am not making mistakes with my real estate deals. They rejoice with me in my triumphs and cry with me in my failures. My supermoms!

Feryolie Alaton, my #1 Supermom and #1 Superwoman
I am so blessed to have her as my mother. She is creative and artistic, domesticated but also adventurous. She is in all aspects a very cool mom especially when it comes to matters of the heart. More than a mother, she is my confidante, my friend, and everything else. She is my number one source of strength and inspiration. I want to give her the best. She is my forever #1 Supermom and #1 Superwoman.

A self-made man, a leader, motivated, competitive, a dedicated professional and a loving father. He is the kind of man who knows what he wants and works hard to achieve his goals. He is well organized in his thought process and a planner by heart. It’s not everyday that I get to meet a man who makes me very happy, so I might keep him for life.

Star Hoyo Wright, my sister
She has the most adorable daughter Kheira Xandrine! but that’s not the reason why she made it to my list. Many people not even mom and the rest of the family does not know about this, but she is always there whenever I am in trouble. She is my bestest girlfriend on earth! Despite her being a younger sister, she is ahead of her years and an experienced woman of her century. She is the secret keeper of my mischiefs and “oopsies” in life.

Ruby Dejito, Niezel Mendoza-Ponce and Ann Marie Genterone, the Minis
My girls, my fun-buddies, my “oopsies” listener, my go-to-persons, when I seem to lose appetite in any of my projects or just want to hang out and grab a beer that we cannot open because we have no bottle opener or share a bottle of red wine with the cork floating inside, yep! With them anything is possible and doable. They bombard me with positive energy and renewed vibrancy; enough to get me back on track. They are my super power girls!

I also would like to especially thank my best friend, Charisse Mae Bantaya for keeping me all these years (hehe). My heartfelt gratitude also to the genius behind my real estate website and to the Land Asia girls, my running buddies.


My Review: PAREB 2013 Joint VisMin Regional Conference

My Review: PAREB 2013 Joint VisMin Regional Conference
Alona Kew White Beach Resort, Alona Beach
Panglao Island, Bohol
July 26-27, 2013

The Bohol Experience: Mixing Business & Pleasure

We arrived at the venue around past 1pm by taxi from Tagbilaran City. I must note that the taxi driver wasn’t that accommodating and quite frankly we are a bit dismayed. Maybe because we are only local tourists? Meeting one Boholano with that attitude doesn’t change the way we feel about Bohol in general.

Joining me in the trip is our President and CEO, Marissa S. Inting and VP Finance Ray Marc S. Inting. I conducted an Online Marketing Seminar at Land Asia Realty Bohol office in the morning and you can probably imagine the “not wanting to leave yet” feeling and the anticipation to get to the venue on time for the first speaker.

The Hotel

I didn’t get the chance to go around and explore the amenities, which I usually do whenever I stay at a hotel for vacation or business trips. But we are nicely settled at the cottage in the pool area. Too bad it was always raining, it actually rained for two days that we were there and we don’t have our swimwear with us. Maybe I will get the chance to enjoy more of what Alona Kew has to offer in my next trips. Yes, I am definitely coming back Bohol! 🙂

The Venue

There were probably about 300 delegates from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Most delegates are from the Visayas and Mindanao areas. I like it, that the convention center is located outside the hotel, that the influx of delegates doesn’t get in the way of the other hotel guests.

The Speakers

This is my first time to attend a Regional Conference. We usually attend the National Convention and I must say the organizers did a very good job in getting the line-up of speakers and topics; it made the trip so worthwhile.

My favorite topics are:

Green Initiative for a Sustainable Real Estate Industry
“Do not throw your garbage, everything is a resource” – Engr. Archival
Building Homes for the Poor
by Mr. Charlie Ayco, CEO/Managing Director for Habitat For Humanity Phils.

Habitat For Humanity is a non-profit, Christian housing organization that builds affordable, decent homes in partnership with people in need.

Mr. Ayco’s presentation include data on the housing backlog in our country. Currently we have a 3.9 Million housing backlog and by 2030 this will grow to 6.5 Million if this need is not answered. He emphasized on the mismatched housing supplied versus what the market can actually afford which I also agree. There is a big market at the socialized, low-cost and economic housing – the market segment whose needs are not met. He also discussed about the housing multiplier effect, on how investing in real estate developments can move business thus move the economy in the micro and macro level. To me this is a very interesting topic and something both the private and government sector should look into for long-term solution of the informal settlers and renters.

To know more about Habitat, you may visit their website,

BOHOL Means Business!
By Governor Edgar M. Chatto

We discovered interesting facts about Bohol and what to look forward in the future especially in the real estate industry.

Vision Statement of the People of Bohol

“Bohol is a prime eco-cultural tourist destination and a strong, balanced agri-industrial province, with a well-educated, God-loving and law-abiding citizenry, proud of their cultural heritage, enjoying a state of well-being and committed to sound environment management.

Mastery Leads to Higher Productivity
By Gary Hablero – QCRB

This topic is something that we can really use in our everyday business. I also like how he combined business concepts and the motivational thing. I actually took down notes of his 5Ps: Product, Prospect, Process, Papers and Problem Solving. If we master these 5Ps, sooner or later we can create our mark in the real estate industry and be known by our brand.

AIPO Updates
By PRB Chairman EG Ong

Here are some interesting figures to know. As of July 2013 there are 24,387 real estate service practitioners.
Real Estate Consultants – 84
Real Estate Appraisers – 4,618
Real Estate Brokers – 18,599
Real Estate Salespersons – 1,086

There are also notable speakers that talk about Pag-IBIG Loan Program Update, PAREB MLS, PAREB Online, Selling Big Realty Tickets, the Mayor of Panglao, the Mayor of Cebu City who earned a standing ovation and the Art and Science of Selling, the last one we missed because we have to head early for Tagbilaran City so as not to miss our 6pm trip to Cebu. A night of dancing and socializing with a retro theme is the event in the evening.

My Conclusion

It was a quick but nice trip. I will most probably attend the VisMin Regional Conference again next year. Thank you PAREB-BOREB for organizing such a wonderful event. The business side made it a pleasurable experience for us.

I also would like thank our dear President and CEO Marissa S. Inting for encouraging me to attend these conventions and for sponsoring these trips every year. Kudos to PAREB! Kudos to Land Asia Realty!

View more pictures HERE.

Have a great day everyone! 🙂