5 Ways to Gain Confidence in Real Estate Selling

1.    Take seminars that will help you learn the basics.

The Land Asia Institute offers FREE seminars on real estate salesmanship, online marketing, offline marketing, and brokerage.  Take advantage of these seminars that will help you gear up for the actual experience. Feels like re-attending the Basic Orientation Course? Why not? Make it a “to do” to attend the BOC not just once but twice!  and as many times as you can until you fully understand the compensation plan and your purpose in joining Land Asia Realty.

2.    Network with peers.

Reach out and introduce yourself to your colleagues. Surround yourself with people who share the same belief and goals. Listen to their stories. Learn the best and worst practices in real estate marketing. Get hold of their experiences from clients, co-salespersons and developers. This will give you a broader perspective of the industry and will help you in formulating your business plan.

3.    Read up on company policies and marketing guidelines. Know about RESA.

Take the time to read the Real Estate Service Act (RA 9646) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). You can look it up online and save a copy. You must remember now that practice is guided by these laws. It is also recommended that you have a copy of the company policies and marketing guidelines. Every company has its do’s and don’ts. You surely do not want to show up in a mall exhibit wearing your favorite jeans, tank top and Havaianas.

4.    Work with a partner.

Although not necessary it is advisable that you work with a partner especially if you are not yet familiar with the property that you are showing to your client. Working with a partner can also help ensure that you do not neglect your other clients especially during open houses or when you are presenting to a group. Should unforeseen circumstances occur, it’s better to have somebody who can call for help.

5.    Seek your GID’s guidance.

Communicate with your GID about your plans. The best way that a GID can help is when he/she is aware of what you need to implement your marketing strategy. Through experience a GID can help you identify your niche and can guide you on the entire sales process from tripping to computation and closing the deal.

This article is written for Land Asia Realty.

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