Being a real estate agent is not just “laway lang ang puhunan”. For some it may look like we only open doors, switch on the lights and give a house tour. Well a dog can do that.

Being a real estate agent requires training, acquiring multiple skills, mastering the skill and continuous upgrade of our personal marketing strategies. Like an athlete we train everyday, rain or shine, night and day, everyday, not only on the days when we feel like it. It takes a lot of hard work, sweat, some sacrifices, a strong mind, body and heart to become a professional real estate service provider. Most of all having the genuine passion to serve.

For ten years, behind the success of this broker is not just a structure or a piece of land being sold or rented, but someone’s trust and confidence, somebody’s experience, someone’s good thoughts of my service and for that I sincerely thank you for your continued support. My goal everyday is to make my service and your experience even better today and in the years to come.

A special thank you to my first mentor and my forever one great love for opening the doors to the real estate world. I never regretted a day in it.

At your service always,
Your Sunshine

Hong Kong – Macau Incentive Trip from Primary Homes Inc.

Before I left for Abu Dhabi in March 2014, I was able to sell a penthouse in Woodcrest Residences in Guadalupe, Cebu City. During that period, there was a special promo for sellers – an all-expenses-paid vacation in Hong Kong – Macau for those who are able to sell at least P8 Million for their selected projects. I am one of those lucky ones 🙂

Aboard Cathay Pacific, I travelled with 23 other agents for this trip incentive. We were given travel allowance on top of the free accommodation and air fare. May I also mention that I also received rice incentive (1.5 sacks Ganador), a brand new cellular phone, P3,500.00 worth of electronic load which I gave away to relatives because I am on a plan, plus PhilHealth and SSS coverage from January 2015 – December 2015. Now I am waiting for my free 6-month gym membership at Fitness First. This is how Primary Homes Inc. takes care of their sellers. I can say that is how it should be.

It is the beginning of summer in Hong Kong and so we have cloudy days and rains during our four days of stay.

Here are some of my photos from the trip.

Avenue of Stars
JC Jewellery. Amethyst Geode in the background.
Victoria Harbour
Salve Pago Piscatorum


macau2 macau3 macau4 macau5 macau6 macau7

The Ruins
The Ruins

the-ruins received_990529420992499

The Venetian Hotel
The Venetian Hotel


The Venetian macau14 macau15

received_990529707659137 received_990530110992430

On our third day, we were given a free day to roam around the city before the dinner-awarding ceremony. Instead of going to the must see sights which me and my roommate, Miss Tenet, have already visited from previous travels, we opted to look for a Chinese restaurant in Nathan Road and roam around the shops of Mongkok area afterwards.

Ho Choi (www.hochoi.com)
Ho Choi (www.hochoi.com)


20150519_134819 20150519_141418 20150519_142036

In the evening, all agents were given a Certificate of Recognition for our hard work and for being a truly reliable partner.

With Miss Chin and Sir Novie of Primary Homes Inc.
With Miss Chin and Sir Novie of Primary Homes Inc.



To cap the night, Miss Tenet and I went to Ritz-Carlton Hotel to have some drinks and to enjoy the view of Hong Kong from the 118th Floor, Ozone Bar (the highest bar in the world).

View from Ozone Bar.
View from Ozone Bar.

All in all, it was an enjoyable trip and it gives us those who loves travelling, more inspiration to sell Primary Homes projects. To PHI, thank you very much!


To have and to hold

I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honour you all the days of my life.


Looking back, when I learned that Charisse had to climb the gate of CVPC because she stayed too late to wait for Crispin, I knew something is not going right towards our plan of walking down the aisle together, travelling et cetera et cetera. Not me and her, but our double wedding plan! She had my ears smoking between my cute little head when she “ran away from me” and left me alone scrambling on how to pass the Chemistry Board Exam. I said to myself then, “he better be worth it!”.

14 years later, and with Crissan and Cyrille joining the Charisse-Crispin tandem, I came home to witness my bestfriend’s church wedding.

10th year wedding anniversary. Cathedral Church, Dumaguete City. March 21, 2015

Weeks before the ceremony, Charisse and Crispin spent a few days with me. The conversations are endless as usual. There was one point in our conversation that stuck in my head until this very day. It was when Charisse said that during the time of her chemotherapy and at the verge of giving up, it was Crispin’s presence that made her strong and made her feel better after all the seemingly endless vomiting due to the medication. “So it’s true, that there is really someone called The One”, I was tempted to say it out loud, but instead, I silently thought, “if in that terrible condition it was his physical presence that made her feel better, I am convinced he is probably worth all the trouble”. The vow on “in sickness and in health” and the promise on “in good times and in bad” satisfied.

More than 10 years na, may pa kilig moment ka pa. Naks naman! Haha!

So here is my message to my two bestfriends since I have no other choice, you’re stuck to each other like glue;

To Charisse:

An ordinary woman would have given up a long time ago and will not live to what you have survived. It is your character and strength as a woman that makes you successful in your own right. May you always use it to protect your family. May you also learn to forgive and forget the past and to look forward to the better days.

To Crispin:

You are one of The Few, The Proud. I believe your unquestionable loyalty is to your nation and to your wife. Make her proud to stand beside you all the days of her life.

11088539_10204744560786478_650372538467668531_n P.S.

I am inviting myself to your silver wedding and golden anniversary. Thank you in advance.

My Dork Diary

To the little girl who believes I wrote the Dork Diaries and lend me her Dork Diaries Tales from a not-so-fabulous life so I can remember what I wrote, you got me digging into my old album for pictures of what my life was when I was 9, like you now, and become inspired to write a short story. I hope you find it fabulous.


I think we were 9 years old when I met your mommy in a reading competition. We did not become friends. We are not enemies either. We were very young and very shy…

At 9 years old, I have long, silky, black hair, as black as the night. Daddy would brush me and my sister’s hair every morning after taking a bath while we are eating our breakfast. Like you, I have the best Daddy in the whole universe! My Daddy was a fisherman. When I was a baby girl, we had a bamboo house near the sea and I still remember Daddy and I would walk to the beach in the morning to collect seashells.  It was such a fun memory!

Like Nikki, I am not popular. I don’t have many, many friends. I only have Eliza and Toto, my childhood bestfriends. I don’t have a secret crush named Brandon. But I do like this boy since we were second grade. His name was Michael. He smiled like an angel and his eyes glitter like gold in the sun. I can tell he doesn’t like me because he would call me “black bangbang” whenever he follows me from school until I get home. He is only walking me home because my grandma, who happens to be his teacher, told him so. Not like you, I don’t have a kuya, I don’t have a protector.

My skin color then is darker than yours, so they call me “black”. I thought my skin color can help tell Daddy that I am her daughter in the classroom haha! So being dark skinned doesn’t bother me. I am proud of it. I am Filipina.

Opposite to Nikki’s life in the story, I can say I had a fabulous life growing up. I can only remember happy times in my childhood. Our summers are spent in Oroquieta City where we meet all our uncles, aunties, cousins, great grandma, and other relatives. We don’t have celphones or ipad or AppleMac back then, but we have books, we draw, we sing, we dance, we eat a lot of fruits, drink milk together, sleep together and play outside until the sun goes tired.

What made my life not-so-fabulous at 9 was when Daddy died of cancer. I was very sad. My mommy, brother and sister were very sad too. We cry almost everyday until we cannot cry anymore.

I was also 9 years old when I become Top 1 in our class and got other awards during recognition day at school. Here is a picture. Daddy died before this day so he is not in the picture to pin my ribbons. I studied very hard that year to become number 1, I want to make him proud of me. I think God probably needs an angel in heaven so badly, that is why he called Daddy early. I know he is looking down from heaven to guard me until this very day.

2015-04-04 16.00.432015-04-04 16.02.18

Sometimes, life is not-so-fabulous but it doesn’t mean it cannot be great! You will meet friends at school who will become your frienemies or enemies who will become your friends. You will have a new crush who will not like you or a boy who has a crush on you that you terribly don’t like. Some people will tease you of your skin color but it doesn’t mean you are not pretty. They probably have not read yet that black is beautiful and being smart is the new sexy, even if you have a big tummy after eating spaghetti. Life is like that.

It is okay not to have the perfect dress or the best glitter shoes in class, or if your hair gets messy — what is not okay is if you become a bad little girl to your mommy, daddy and kuya. Kuya is probably the “worst” kuya ever compared to your classmates’ kuyas who are cool, but remember, kuya is your protector. His strong arms will protect you from your frienemies. I think he is Baymax in disguise. In fact I think kuya will become your bestfriend in the future.

I will end my story with a secret that you must not tell anyone. I met my Brandon and he is exactly what I imagined him to be 🙂

Study well.

Love, Mommy Shine

Transfer of Title Cebu North

I am currently working on a transfer of title in BIR Cebu North and here is the sequence of documents that will be submitted to the OD for your CAR application. Hope this helps 🙂


Cebu City skyline January 2015


Yesterday, a fellow broker showed me his listing which is a loft condo located on the 25th floor of Ultima Residences. These pictures are taken from the unit. The one on the middle was taken on one side of the hallway facing Hilutungan Channel.

So this is the skyline of Cebu City at daytime. I must note that this was dated 29 January 2015. I want to come back to this same building, take the same pictures five years from now and see the difference 🙂


Cebu skyline showing Ayala Business Park and Lahug area.
Cebu City skyline facing Hilutungan Channel.
I fully appreciated roundabouts while in Dubai. This is Fuente-Osmeña Circle in Cebu City.

32 Sanson by Rockwell


32 Sanson by Rockwell is a charming garden development that will embody the Cebuanos’ relaxed lifestyle and warmth. At a sprawling 3.2 hectares, this community will soon rise in Lahug, composed of five low-rise, residential towers nestled amidst lush landscaping.




Harmonizing convenience and the serenity of nature

Bringing years of expertise in master planning and landscape design, Rockwell brings a new meaning to urban development, harmonizing the convenience of living in the city with the serenity of nature. 32 Sanson is a pedestrian-friendly, and walkable environment, encircled by 70% verdant greenery. While giving its community a chance to enjoy pocket greens and open space, it remains connected to prominent nearby neighborhoods and businesses.


Exquisite living spaces

Rockwell has carefully crafted an exceptional lifestyle in 32 Sanson, with tropical and modern architecture that blends stunning interiors with a peaceful environment. Residents will be welcomed with a grand resort-type arrival, with unique subterranean drop offs and an exclusive and elevated entry.

With only five storeys in each tower and 354 units in the whole property, residents are guaranteed relaxed and private living at 32 Sanson. Those who seek a luxurious lifestyle in Lahug may choose from among one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom residences in 32 Sanson’s first two towers, each set to be an inspired and remarkable home. An exclusive selection of Garden Units at the ground level allows residents to enjoy nature right at their very own backyard.






A safe and secure environment

Our community’s safety and security is our utmost priority. Reliable and efficient fire response and monitoring systems will be in place at 32 Sanson, while its subterranean roads give residents additional privacy, as they freely walk around areas of the development.

Residents’ and visitors’ safety is guaranteed even in times of extreme weather conditions. 32 Sanson, like all Rockwell developments, adheres to the most stringent standards of structural integrity and is prepared to withstand earthquakes. Backed with years of experience, Rockwell has employed a 100-year flood cycle study to safeguard the property and its occupants against flooding, while 100% back up power ensures that your home and common areas will continue to be powered even in strong winds and rains.


First-class amenities

Rest and recreation go beyond the ordinary at 32 Sanson. First-class amenities include two clubhouses, function rooms, a gym, game room, two swimming pools, multi-purpose courts, a lawn and children’s play area. With the subterranean roads allowing the grounds of the property to be used exclusively pedestrians, residents can enjoy a unique and carefree jogging experience around the development’s garden surroundings.



To have a better perspective of the project, kindly click on the image below and view the 32 Sanson digital walkthrough!


Take a sneak peek of our 94 sqm. two bedroom model unit and envision Rockwell’s design for high-end comfort living.



Find room to breathe, grow, and dream.

Your home in Cebu.

Your lifestyle by Rockwell.

32 Sanson. Maayo ang kinabuhi diri.


To hand pick your own Rockwell unit today, please do not hesitate to reach me through my contact information indicated below.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

Sunshine Hoyo, Realtor 
Mobile: 09437969379
Email: info@sunshinehoyo.com 


The above information and drawings are conceptual and subject to change without prior notice.

The Developer reserves the right to make additions, deletions and modifications to the drawings as the Developer may deem appropriate or desirable.

Layout of typical units only. Actual layout may vary for some units.

NOTE: This is not my original article. This is a presentation from 32 Sanson by Rockwell for marketing purposes.

To My Most Favourite STAR!


I cannot believe you are 30! You are still 20 to me, at least you look like it hehe.

STAR always lives up to her name and as a sister, I cannot be even prouder. Strong willed, feisty yet sweet and very loving. A strong woman who knows what she wants and works hard to get it. A faithful friend, extremely generous and a wonder woman to Xandy and Ben. She has gone through tough times in life but it never once broke her spirit. She manages to gracefully get up with every fall and emerge stronger, brighter and wiser after every challenge. It is her joyful nature that makes her a winner in life!

Happy birthday to my most favourite Star! I love you and I am very proud of what you have become. My wish for you is that you stay healthy, happy and may all that you see and desire be yours today and always!

Ate Bang

FAITH Goals for 2015

I have written the things I am grateful for in 2014 and this year I have 12 FAITH goals or things I believe in for 2015. Here’s my top 5 🙂

I will do my best to achieve my FAITH goals with the belief that everything is possible in God’s perfect time.

What are the things you aim to achieve or hope for this 2015? How do you plan to achieve it?

My year’s theme: #bolder2015

Best of luck for all of us!

People of My Year 2014

People of My Year 2014
People of My Year 2014

My 2014 was a gigantic roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. It was a year of travel, a lot of learning and self-discovery and had one of those turning moment in a woman’s lifetime. I am forever grateful to everyone who in one way or another touched my life and made it better and to those who made it extra special, here they are:

1. Marlon Astillero, DM

If there is one person I look up to when it comes to setting life’s direction and discovering its purpose, that would be Doc Marlon. He seems to know what he wants and works day and night to get it. I wanted to follow his footsteps thus I took my MBA and started my degree in DBA. He is well travelled, a forever student of life, with a great sense of humour, highly motivated and extremely stubborn in a good way. He is my go-to-person when it comes to decision making, but ruthless when it comes to matters of the heart.

2. Raymond Ong

With this year’s ups and downs, Raymond was always there to scold me – yep – scold, lecture, you name it. I think that’s what elder brothers do. Every time I hit rock bottom, he pulls me out and push me hard to the surface. He and Stephany are my “life vest” while I was in the UAE. They keep my business afloat and made sure I still have something to come back to when things don’t work out well for me abroad.

Note to self: Do not ever put Marlon and Raymond again on the same table when you are doing something mischievous haha! I super love this two!

3. Mommy

Mothers always know even when you are not telling them about it. I think I made her prayerful this year. She who seek help to my dad in heaven to guide me. Thank you mommy.

4. Galaxy

My Anna (Frozen) – she is fearless, a lightning of positivity and enthusiasm, with her “go-lang-ng-go” and “no-giving-up” attitude, I know one day she will go places. She is born with excellent marketing skills and I ALWAYS get positive feedback from clients in Dumaguete.

5. Star

My bestest girlfriend ever! I am grateful to have a younger sister who seemed to be my older sister. She just knows how to fix her life with grace and confidence while I seem to struggle all the time with moving forward. If there is one tiny person who can make me smile during those gloomy days, it’s her little Xandy. They are my stars.

6. Moon

The reason I have a stream of clients while away is because I have a silent marketing guy who continues to work for me even without supervision. He keeps me present online.  For two months since I got back from Dubai, I was inactive. Then one day he took out all my plaques (recognitions), my certificates, hang my graduate school picture on the wall and said, “maybe this will give you something to aspire and dream again”. That gesture touched me, big time.

7. Gilda Villaceran, Ismaela Puerto, Lydia Dela Rita, Marissa Inting

My real estate mothers.

Mam G. – my idol. My mentor for offline marketing and customer retention strategies. If I aim to sell like her, I am aiming for the moon.

Mama Mylah – my real estate rockstar. I don’t know how she juggles her career and family life but she does it so well. She takes care of all of us especially me and Doc Marlon.

Mam Lydia – the provider. I will never go hungry, thirsty, be under the sun without shade or ran out of real estate project updates when I am with her. She is a girl scout and well-updated agent rolled into one.

Mam Maris – the mother of all real estate mothers. At the beginning of her career until now she is always very supportive even if sometimes she does not approve of my decisions, but she is always there all the way.

8. Minis & Charisse

Should I call ourselves Biggis now? lol… Life will be so boring without the Minis – bloopers, craziness and all. With these girls, I don’t have to pretend I know the Hollywood stars that everyone is talking about, or read the National Geographic or watched world news. With them I get to be my stupid me, the drunk, the pissed off, the foolish hearted and the fun-loving that I am.

Charisse on the other hand balances my craziness and let me face the real, hard stuff with pride and courage? hehe

9. My Dubai family and JP

Ate Cassey, Ate Alice, Deeyan, Malows, Gladys and Hylin – na polish ang aking salitang Tagalog, nasuka ng bonggang-bongga at natuto paano mamuhay bilang isang OFW. Deeyan our bunso, who is always joyful. Malows my ball of positivity and patience, hindi yata naisulat sa palad niya ang negativity. Gladys ang maganda, at ma love life hihi (peace). Hylin, the hot and the sexy, my inspiration to become Ibong Adarna. Of course Ate Alice and Ate Cassey, my big sisters who helped me cope up being away from my family.

JP, for the long Dubai Mall walks, the coffee breaks and dinners and the seemingly endless conversation and the totally crazy points which I will be getting on in 2015.

10. My new found friends – MJD and JH

Mam Jane is becoming like my sister who encourages me to dress up, make myself pretty and post my ootd hehe.

JH makes me smile and for some reason, I want to keep him smiling too! 🙂

Who are those special persons who made your 2014 more exciting?